Sergei Chigrin: Names of streets in the center — untainted anecdote

Slonim — one of the ancient cities of Belarus, This year marks 755 years since its foundation. While city officials are preparing to celebrate, the residents of one of the streets Slonim decided to give her the name of Alexander Lukashenko. On a glorious historical past and modern funny Slonim we talk with local historian Sergei Chigrin, creator of recently published book "In Search of Slonim treasures."
"Excursions must begin at the restored manor Lew Sapieha"
Michas Scoble: "Sergey, your book begins the article" Will Slonim tourist town? "And now that you first need to make in order to modern elephants became attractive to tourists?"
Sergei Chigrin: "First of all you need to return the estate Lew Sapieha and Michal Oginski Casimir. Their long and must begin the tour. In Slonim, I believe, come and Poles, Italians, Germans, and Spaniards, whose fathers worked here when acted recognizable throughout Europe Theatre Oginski. Need, of course, return and homestead Puslovskys Albertina. Specifically Puslovskys those which time sponsored uprising in 1863. Arrive in Slonim and tourists from Israel. After all, before the war, we lived very many Jews. And now in the heart of Slonim worth a former synagogue, built in 1642. It’s oldest monument in the center of the building, which has been preserved to our time. Somewhere in the 1990s, it was planned to open a municipal museum of Jewish art. But the idea had remained in the plans. "
Scoble: "You read about the restoration of the estate … In Oginskiai Zalesye on Smorgonschine preserved patrimony Oginski, and then the government can not bring it to mind. And at the center of all the recovery to start from scratch. You yourself believe that this can be ? "
Chigrin: "I believe. Wishes to note that the channel Oginski in Slonim remained virtually as he was when Oginski. Only water in it was much less than it was, for example, in the 20-30s of last century. Paplytchev it. And at this point in the center there is a drama theater. It was opened in 1990. Slonimtsev just lucky. town in Belarus there are significantly outperforming Slonim, who have no theater prof.
During these 17 years Slonimsky Drama Theatre has traveled all over Belarus. On its stage delivered more than 60 performances of plays by the Belarusian, Russian, Italian, French playwrights. Performances for the year is visited by about 30 thousand spectators.
But together with the joy so good mood, which operates the theater, there is disappointment. In over 17 years of theater does not own its own premises. In the early 1990s, construction of the theater was started, but, unfortunately, in 1993 at a construction site did not score 1st nail. A could to connect all: and modern theater in the center and the theater Oginski. In the newly built theater and the museum could be Oginski. Tourists would be able to visit the museum and Oginski and attend the performances of contemporary theater, which operates largely in the Belarusian drama. "
Scoble: "And how many tourists come to Slonim now?"
Chigrin: "According disk imaging Slonimsky travel and tours, Slonim annually visited by about 30 thousand tourists. Those who register in the office. But very many tourists come informally, because the figure may be called something like: about 100 thousand people. Though Now people who come to our city, get acquainted with only one route: Slonim — Zhirovichi — Synkovichy. Only District Local History Museum receives annually about 25 thousand visitors. "
Slonim Forums: Oginski Canal, Zhirovichi monastery bottomless lake
Scoble: "You told part of what was and what could be again in Slonim. It — it coming. A than now Your city may hit tourist, say, Western Europe, which is just nabachyvsya, nazdivlyavsya around? That is on sale itself, which does not exist anywhere else? "
Chigrin: "Of course, this channel Oginski — even as a string with the violin. After — Zhirovichi where houses the icon of Our Lady Moms Zhrovichi where streams holy source. Same bottomless lake near the village Klepachi and The old cemetery near the XIV century. Tourists can knit in anything, watching what interests them.
Slonim with a population of 53,000 people now has 6 museums! This Museum of Belarusian books in the Slonim district central library where books are stored autographed Kolas. This National Museum of Alexander Zhukovsky school № 4. This museum "Belarusian town" …
Our only failure: in local kiosks virtually no books, booklets, postcards, badges, dedicated to the town and district. What is sold in Zhirovichi this edition of Moscow, from time to time anti-Belarusian content. And all issued in Russian. And about Zhirovichi must be Publishing Belarusian creators rather than strangers. "
Coming in Chernyakhovskogo drawn on Lukashenko …
Scoble: "This year marks 755 years of Slonim. And I know that city officials are preparing to celebrate, but not circular, but respectful choice. Among the initiatives appeared solemn and such — give one of Slonim streets Alexander Lukashenko. Let’s hear 1st of the initiators, local businessman Victor Marchenko. "
Viktor Marchenko: "In 1-x, we are on this street, Petralevitskay live like in the Middle Ages: no no gas, no water. Street struck in the mud. Labazovka This district, there is no 1st Drugstore."
Scoble: "So you think a name change will solve all prepyadstviya?"
Marchenko: "Yes. We think that if the street is renamed, all these difficulties will be immediately resolved. "
Scoble: "And you interviewed local residents about renaming their streets?"
Marchenko: "Interviewed. I myself collected signatures collected about 200 signatures" for. "And only one person "Against" was. I wrote two letters to Alexander Lukashenko to allow renaming. The answer was signed by the ladies … as it is … Well, the right hand Lukashenko … Pyatkevich. She said that Lukashenko knows he was informed thanked his behalf. That’s all and braked. But I’ll go to the end. "
Scoble: "Sergei, what do you feel about the idea of having a street named after the town of Lukashenka?"
Chigrin: "The names of the streets in the center — it’s untainted funny story. When I was a schoolboy, the thought that he lived on the street Mendeleev Mendeleev. When I walked down the street with his mother Morris Torrez, it seemed to me that here lived or lives this and Tereza etc. In Slonim worst street names than all the other towns of Belarus. Because it is logical that there will be also a street named after Lukashenko. Suppose that is, it still comes from Belarus. But whose names are now in the names of streets Slonim: Issa Pliev Pavlik Morozov, Marx Schorsa Suvorov Kotovskogo Voykova Kutuzov, Kuibyshev, Cherniakhovsky Ershov …
Who such Ershov? I once asked at slonimtsev. Many do not know, some responded that Yershov — is a storyteller who has written a tale about skate-garbunka. But the street is not named in honor of the storyteller. Yershov — Russian soldier who in 1944 was in Slonim. And seven years reversed Student street, which 200 years, divided in half and part of the street naming dubbed Khlyupin. Who such Khlyupin? Military, which in 1944 passed a tank near Slonim. How rode and rode on to the west.
Simple and laughter, and sin. Therefore let it be street Lukashenko, but before it appears, we will let the street famous slonimtsev: Dr. Andrew Prokopchuk writers Gallyasha Levchik, Anatolia Iversen, Sergei Novikov fable Valentine Tavlaya Ivan Sergeichik, artist Anton Karnitsky historian Misha Bowl policy Maxim Bursevich, church leaders and Fedor Danyluk Lukas Dekut-Maley, composer Anton Valynchyka, rebel Michal Volovich … "
"Between streets and Volovich Scorina street name Lukashenko can not be"
Scoble: "Sergey, and w
hen naming Lukashenko NOT call the district th street Petralevitskuyu got lost and out of Brest, where do you live?"
Chigrin: "I will not mind if before the street name will Yershov Michal Volovich. Imagine: I go Volovich street and turn into the street Skarina that close. But it seems to me that between the streets and Volovich Scorina street Lukashenko can not be" .
Scoble: "Not so long ago only saw the light of the book" In Search of Slonim treasures "and on your desktop — brand new, with the mysterious title" Slonim dungeon. "Research Slonim overhead, you decided to take on the underground?"
Chigrin: "It came from. Overall, Belarus urban theme dungeon has hardly been studied. I never read, for example, of Grodno, Novogrudskii dungeon. Plenty dungeon in Slonim was excavated more for Leo Sapieha and Misha Casimir Oginski.
When they built the City Party Committee (now — Children’s Art House), the builders have not been able to drive the field in the land: they failed. Several moves are coming from former Slonim synagogue. There is a move from the church to the Synkovichi Zhirovitsy and is 20 km away. Father Arseny not so long ago I showed Synkovichi place where once a year the land falls — just there, where we start to move Zhirovichi. Believe in Belarus should be created a special scientific group of special equipment, which will deal with the dungeon. And while we explore the dungeon, historians and writers. "
Unusual anniversary: 100 years of the country house
Scoble: "You never forgot to" Gazeta Slonim "will celebrate the anniversary of this or another famous countryman. So this year is not forgotten Sergei Novik-century fable — the creator of the famous song" Sprockets. "But in your family plans — an extraordinary anniversary. Not eminent slonimtsa not camoga Slonim, and — whose? "
Chigrin: "I plan to fall in the village on Hadyavichy Slonim mark 100 years of my native hut, which his grandfather had built in 1907. Prazdnichek At Home wish to invite creative intelligentsia to jointly pasvyatkavats and relaxed rest.
My house is close to Synkovichi church, which this year marks 600 years. And earlier near the place where my grandfather built the house, there was a road from Slonim on Synkovichy on which a couple of times passed stately Duke Vytautas. In 1409 he visited Synkovichy together with his wife own and just went where at the moment my house is worth. Hadyavitskiya th Synkovichi forest hid Vytautas the chase, when he escaped from Krevo castle. Because my house — it is something sacred, historical, precious. That warms the soul. "

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