Sergei Sidorsky recognized a failure in the external trade

According to the Prime Minister of Belarus, import growth in the first 5 months this year exceeded the growth rate of exports doubled.
"We made the failure of this indicator, which is almost everything devalues our other services," — said Sergei Sidorsky.
According to the head of the government, this year "clearly led to a slowdown of production."
Also sire Sidorsky expressed concern that became more finished goods in stock companies. By him, "5 months of growth in supplies of finished products one trillion rubles."
Commenting on the situation, the chairman of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika Pronunciation:
"After the first wave of response to new energy tariffs and the most difficult, reducing oil supplies by 25 percent, we are faced with predictable consequences. This second wave of reaction to external shock. Government is outlined there sixteen characteristics and works pretty primitive. A situation even more exciting.

"There is a process of learning the Belarusian government element sound economic policies"

Immediately with a decrease in production, 40 percent of the population is buying more cars. The government should realize that is a consumer boom. And grow supplies products that are not competitive. The process of learning the Belarusian government element sound economic policies. "
According to Chairman of the House of Representatives in the monetary policy Novel granddaughter, account balance becomes negative, because the country buys more than implements.
The situation to a certain extent affected the case with Russia, said Roman Granddaughter:
"We ourselves are guilty. We also need to think a little head. Minds need to think. It does not interfere with anyone."
As this situation may affect the citizens?
"I think the government has a lot of ability to minimize this event. Certain people will not feel for yourself on these phenomena. It is not good, it will force to take positive measures", — said Roman granddaughter.
Economic Options Tatiana Manyanok, energoelementami situation had negative consequences. It also led to the loss of oil transit Belarus.
But at a meeting of the Minister of Economy Zaychenko read about the growth of gross domestic product, taming inflation and macroeconomic stability.
Manyanok calls it a sign of administrative economy:
"Features — this is important. Characteristics At work everything and our concerns, and the line ministries and the government. And require each CEO to work first on the characteristics. If such supplies in warehouses unsold products, here the efficiency of our economy. Here is a mirror of this efficiency. "

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