Seviarynets that sanctions should be removed uniformly

"Together with the fact need to create a difference between the desire to draw the West Belarus in the sphere of its own impact, which I welcome, as it comes off to Belarus from Russian influence, and the fact that the West is going to recognize House of Representatives in the current criteria obviously unfree and unfair elections. Recognize such an election and House of Representatives can not be legitimate because it paves the way for the loss of Belarusian independence and strengthen the current regime. "
Paul Seviarynets believes that the EU must take its sanctions evenly first lift sanctions with those with whom you can open a discussion of certain economic issues, and throw these sanctions for political control, which prevents democratization in Belarus, not to recognize House of Representatives, but to invite to the upcoming steps towards democratization.
According to Paul Sevyarinets, lift sanctions with arbitrators who make unjust sentences, could would be subject to approval by their decisions regarding rehabilitation of former political prisoners.
"At case and I forgave, and the EU is seen. But while there is none then I do it mattersdo not need to be. "

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