Shadow goblin (or GB?) Now in Minsk

This book tells the story of the crucial steps of modern history, and witnessed the particular participant which was created by myself. His track list but the rest of the work in the Russian Federation Security Council and Administration Russian President. Colonel supplies Valery Kazakov awarded 3 medals, medals and 20 characters.
Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, who was the editor of "Shadows of the goblin," calls the book Autumn surprise and adds:
"Before us is restored in the modern tradition of Saltykov-Shchedrin, together with the tradition of our Andrew Mryya. Here prose Saltykov-Shchedrin with specific exposure Russian officials, and not only Russian, and post-Soviet, and such a piquant line Mryya book" Notes Samson Samas. "
Discussing the Kremlin political games, Valery Kazakov knows what writes. First readers of his book "The Shadow Goblin" saw in the 2nd word here quite fantastic character, and the abbreviation of the 2-letter designator for a real all-powerful institution — GB. Ales Pashkevich book editor agrees that unions are not unfounded:
"Maybe it’s not one agency, several of them, because the book is not only about the Russian modernity, she — and adjacent countries, where it is still not finished with the fight totalitarianism. This book in the end — and about our modern Belarus. Creator not underlines its attitude towards Belarus, Belarusian own roots, and not only intrigued by the fate, and sincere experience for the fate of Belarus read in this novel. "
How extensive and densely lay "Shadow goblin" on Belarus, which he has modern power and future — can be Now ask the creator of the novel Valery Kazakov, who, incidentally, issuing his first book in their native language, applied for membership in the Alliance of Belarusian Writers.
Beginning of meeting with him at the Palace of Arts is now in 18th. Tags: presentation, books, Cossacks, shadow, goblin

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