Sikorski: sanctions can be lifted very quickly

Summing up the visit, among other Sikorski said that "the time has come to notice positive changes in Belarusian politics and great initiative decent initiatives."
Helicopter with the Polish delegation returned to Warsaw and a half hours later than planned, the minister explained to Sikorsky "famous Belarusian hospitality":
"Belarusian moonshine and liver bison — is a fascinating experience."

According to the Minister Sikorski, one of the toasts which raised Belarusian and Polish diplomats in residence "Viskuli" was a toast to the joint victory of Polish and Belarusian knights over the Turkish army at Vienna — the anniversary of the famous battle just noted yesterday.
But, as noted by the Polish minister, Poles and Belarusians voedinyzhdy connects not only the story:
"Poland considers Belarus its European neighbor. Martynov said, Belarus not seeking membership in the European Union, but wants more closely with the EU relations. "
Question first, about the economy — and this factor is essential for the Belarusians that many export to the EU, and for Poles:
"Unfold completely new perspective on the Belarusian market entry, which is on another level, the Polish companies and banks. Belarusian economy could use our experience of economic reform and our new but already strong economic ties to the European Union. "
Martynov and Sikorsky also talked about the ability to simplify the visa regime between the countries, border cooperation, the map of the Pole, the likely participation of Foreign Minister of Belarus in the meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union.
Cooperation on all these fronts, according Sidorsky can actively develop under one condition:
"Naturally, a precondition rapprochement between Belarus and Poland, Belarus and the European Union — a continuation of the course of democratization. I believe that madetion me now step will strengthen this trend "
In mon, during a meeting of the Council of the European Union in general and foreign policy, Minister Sikorski will present their employees with information about the results of his visit to Belarus.
Radoslaw Sikorski also said that the last discussion about the lifting of sanctions against Belarus:
"On present day, barring anything unexpected, it is about the fact that withdo it in the coming days are either in the coming weeks. "
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