SLM will not boycott the elections

SLM decided not to join the boycott. Democratic forces will concentrate on those polling stations where there is a strong team candidates for deputies, who are able to prove the facts of election fraud. Final decision will be accepted September 21. Says co-chairman of the UDF
Anatoly Lebedko
"The question that we must recognize the full crisis of the model of the election campaign in Belarus. If boycott somewhere to happen, it will be organized by the efforts of the authorities. If it passes, where the list will go strong candidates from the UDF" . One of the co-SLM Sergei Kalyakin
said that the coalition will produce a uniform format for ending step campaign:
"Since there are no people in the committees, as there is no real campaign. It can not be carried out not for this criterion. And in general, there is some awareness that there are elections in the country."
The press conference announced that will be released September 28 at 8 pm on October Square.
Says Anatoly Lebedko
"We urge voters to go out September 28 to October Square in character protest exclusion of our representatives to district election commissions, also against fraud, in which we simply do not doubt it.
It is a European civilized practice, when people gather together after the election campaign, so rejoice or grieve together. "


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