SOUTH KOREAN fighter tender CONVERTS conflicting PHASE

SOUTH KOREAN fighter tender CONVERTS conflicting PHASE
Conflicting reports from the South Korean defense procurement agency DAPA and bidders for the acquisition of 60 functional fighter for the Air Force in South Korea in the amount of 7.3 billion U.S. dollars doing some confusing picture, reports August 19.
August 18 DAPA said the European Typhoon fighter out in the auction because of procedural irregularities, but the company EADS denies this message. At the same time, the American company Lockheed Martin is not conceding defeat, saying that it was «standard procedure» and competition for the F-35 is not yet finished. All it asks for a clear explanation of all the parties taking part in the tender.
August 16, South Korean media said that the competition remained fighters Boeing F-15 Silent Eagle and EADS Eurofighter Typhoon, who were able to keep within the budget of the tender and went to the end of the contest. Agency DAPA limited vague message that only one bidder meets the monetary terms of the tender, but Yonhap news agency claimed that the Lockheed Martin F-35 was eliminated from the competition due to going beyond the budget. The Korea Times newspaper quoted nenazvanogo «a source from the industry,» which remained in the F-15 Silent Eagle and the Eurofighter Typhoon, which will unfold between «interesting fight.»
DAPA not forcing the action and decided to take this step, not fighters, but it is fraught with the loss budget of the tender. It is reported that the agency requested increment budget was rejected. Presented at the competition in the midst of machines «Typhoon» is the best fighter advantages in the air, but the F-15 «Silent Eagle» is still a huge range of used weapons and better meets versatility. As expected, the versatility and the prospects for modernization of existing F-15K fighter Air Force in South Korea to the level of Silent Eagle (though without installing wire control system, and the tapered fins) can give «Boeing» excellent chances to win.

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