SOUTH KOREAN TENDER. Air Force wishes to purchase the F-35

SOUTH KOREAN TENDER. Air Force wishes to purchase the F-35
Regular three-day auction on South Korean Air Force tender for the purchase of 60 fighter jets to the functional $ 8.3 trillion won (7.5 billion U.S. dollars) for the substitution of obsolete F-4 and F-5 began on Tuesday and will last until Friday, reports defense-aerospace . com August 13.
Air Force representatives are of the outlook that the upgraded F-15 Silent Eagle is not one hundred percent is appropriate and very inferior to their abilities F-35. Selecting the F-15SE can only be justified lowest price, but the selection of the aircraft would be «empty waste of money,» says senior researcher at the Korean Forum on Defense and Security (Korea Defense and Security Forum — KDSF) Yuk Yang (Yang Uk). .
BBC keen to buy F-35 fighter jets, which by virtue of its own stealth are better suited for the «balance of military capabilities» in the Asia-Pacific region, «says the president of Korea Defense Network Yin Shin Kyung (Shin In-kyun). Currently, China is developing a stealth aircraft in response to Japan plans to purchase 42 F-35 fighter.
To approximate the combat effectiveness of the F-15 to F-35 company Boeing (headquartered in Chicago, USA) has developed an improved version of the F-15 Striike Eagle with «unobtrusive options», the designation F-15 Silent Eagle. «Boeing» has introduced such innovations as the conformal weapons bays and canted 15 degrees outwards vertical fins, but these configurations hitherto criticized as insufficiently effective in terms of reducing the visibility, with the implementation of the tapered fins asks South Korean direct investment.
«Without this tilt keel plane receives reduce radar signature by the review. ESR (effective scattering area — approx. «VP») the existing F-15 is as high as the Su-27. Implementation of conformal weapons bays in our fighters F-15K Slam Eagle (the development F-15E Strike Eagle — approx. «VP») will reduce the various payload and range, «says Young Yuk. He noted that stealth should be implemented from the initial design of the airframe. «Why should we take the Silent Eagle fighter in 8.3 trillion won with uncertain abilities?» Sprashivet Yang.

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