South Stream — a big step in the game of chess

June 24 during an energy summit of the Dark Sea in Zagreb Russian President announced a brand new project, which will mean a sharp appreciation of the impact of Moscow’s South-Western Europe and the continent as a whole.
Putin: "As you know, yesterday signed a memorandum between Gazprom and the Italian company" ENI "the probable latest gazaparavodnay laying on the bottom of the dark sea."
Construction of the new pipeline is meant to end in 2011, its pumping capacity will be 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year. This, for example, two-thirds of the annual transit of Russian gas through Belarus.
F.Bardanara "South Stream" will kill the possibility that other projects will be so great "
In soon EU takes positive measures to diversify energy supplies and reduce dependence on Russia. A new project has received the title of "South Stream", making the achievement of these goals more difficult. Says the Italian energy analyst Frederick Bardanara:
Bardanara: "I think it’s a big move in a chess game. I do not think that it destroys all other prospective projects, but it really destroys — so it is the possibility that these other projects will be as great as previously thought" .
Experts they say that "Midday flow" makes it possible to realize the least brain euro "Nabucco" project — construction of the gas pipeline from Central Asia and the Caspian Sea via Turkey and the Balkans, bypassing Russia.
President Vladimir Putin: "The Balkans and Dark Sea has always been an area of interest of the Russian Federation"
Putin said during a summit of the Organization for Cooperation of the Dark Sea, which also took place on this week in Istanbul, "The Balkans and the Dark Sea has always beenand the area of interest of, naturally, our homeland, which revives vorachivaetsya there. "
Experts note that our homeland their energy projects tries to prove that she is an influential player in the region and tries to balance the impact of the European Union and United States.
MARSHALL GOLDMAN: "Our homeland will receive sphere of influence"
Estimated professionals EU countries that do not have nuclear energy, such as Italy and Germany, have been awake to Russian proposals and virtually put under general oscillation EU energy strategy.
According to the views of the famous South American political scientist Marshall Goldman, Russian implementation projects means strengthening not only the economic impact.
Goldman: "Our homeland is obviously scope receive feedback, because countries that are made dependent on the use of Russian gas, begin to oscillate to make steps in the other direction, fearing that our homelanddo not disable them gas. "
Another pipeline bypassing Belarus, 25.06.2007

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