Specifically Sevyarinets many are willing to create the newest favorite youth organization (1997)

Body palitupravlennya Belarusian Military Area "Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1927 on the strip "Reddish border guard" writes: "In the outpost was not a musical instrument. And without this at the border completely bad. Eventually, they decided on their own funds to buy a gramophone. Said — made . And life went quite differently. Comes with a post on the board — here already gramophone plays. Notwithstanding lethargy, from time to time he starts dancing. was more fun. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 gives the word Stanislav Stankevich, who in the 40th anniversary of the death of a day or Maxim Bogdanovich notes, "The Origin of Bogdanovich Russified intellectual family, his long isolation from the Belarusian territory and people, as well as Russian school education did all the prerequisites for so Bogdanovich own feeling of Russians became … Notwithstanding, but all this, Bogdanovich was the deepest public hot Belarusian poet and patriot. "
"Name" on This week in 1997 reports on Sevyarinets Paul: "In old days in the life of our hero took brand new event — with his participation on May 24 held the founding conference of the newest youth organization -" Young Front . " 40 delegates from 25 cities in Belarus elected council of 14 people … In September, these guys are already planning to hold a congress "Junior Front. "According to our disk imaging, specifically Sevyarinets many want to build the latest favorite youth organization."

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