Statkevich: It’s just human trafficking …

Reporter: Paul Seviarynets believes that your release him due to the fact authorities fear of losing EU preferences. What Your outlook?
Statkevich I think it’s just trafficking. Hostages taken initially, and later try to implement for the funds. Nigerian poor is not even dream — they only million bucks took for the stolen Belarusian, but here are willing to 400 million euros. All it is very abominably. Especially since Additional foul condition — there is some writing application addressed Pyatkevich or lawyer, or close relatives, or yourself … Incidentally, I did not write any statements, again stress, because I’m sure that it sounds with the highest stands — "that’s neither here asked zavyalenne wrote, I asvabadiv them, and in no way again …"
Reporter: So you unhappy?
Statkevich Gadasnae and not feeling satisfied. After all, are trafficking. And if terrorists are going to meet, what will be the new hostages — more. You can not bargain with terrorists.
Reporter: What are your plans for the coming political? Do you go to the Congress of Democratic Forces on May 27?
Statkevich We have to go with Paul to Congress with the strategy of the European coalition and will try to prevent the adoption of the strategy kapitulyatsyynay there tabled. This congress, we believe very untimely, but nothing to do — have to go.
Reporter: What experience 2 years, that you spent on the "chemistry" you think is more fundamental and valuable yourself?
Statkevich Completely understandable conclusion: first — dignity, decent behavior, at least with what people. And people will support you. In at least some situations it is necessary to control the circumstances. It can always be. And the first step to this — their own behavior worthy of all — from cops to the last prisoner. In any need to create human. Then you will have an impact on the environment, people will unconsciously copy for your attitude towards yourself and also will seek worthy behaves. You will sformirovyvaetsya around himself worthy, a place more suitable.

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