Stealth technology will become obsolete in the near future but can be reached «POINT decrease in the effective» — ​​GENERAL USAF

Stealth technology will become obsolete in the near future but can be reached

Stealth technology expire recently, said the head of the Combat Air Command U.S. Air Force Gen. Mike Hostidzh (Mike Hostage), writes Flight Global November 30.
«Our opponents are trying to have the ability to detect stealth aircraft. But their samples are not faster than we develop stealth technology, «the general said, speaking at the Center for Strategic and International research.
Hostidzh stressed that the stealth plane does not mean that it is entirely invisible. The fact that such a plane is much harder to find the enemy, and it allows the aircraft to get closer to the objectives and kill them.
U.S. achieve great success in such developments, but there are merits, allowing to simplify the service of such vehicles. Hostidzh said that stealth aircraft priori require more maintenance time and it is more expensive than using a non-stealth aircraft. But the company Lockheed Martin on the F-35 fighter developed such stealth technology, which is much easier and cheaper to maintain than previous stealth samoleovh. Yet, stelae-service aircraft will always be more expensive than the maintenance of aircraft fourth generation, says the general.
Hostidzh also expressed the view that may be a limit to the development of stealth technology, and in the future can be reached «a point of decreasing effectiveness.» «It is because we are already looking at what should determine the kind of sixth-generation aircraft,» the general said.
Sixth generation fighter may seem to around 2030 year. In his view, the view of the latest generation of aircraft will not define a single attribute, it will be a combination of several new technologies, which is too early to read.

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