Student activists summoned to prosecutor’s office

Belarusian activists Unification cause students to Minsk prosecutor. An employee of Public Prosecutions Victoria Kukso invites students over the phone.
Eugene Ivaniuk said "Freedom", which first calls began recently trial activists "Young Front". Twelve people had prosecutor to attend almost every day for the last week. Not all agreed to come without a subpoena. Those who came sp.Kukso handed warning. Says Eugene Ivaniuk:

Ya.Ivanyuk: "It likely attempt to intimidate all youth organizations operating in the areas of the Republic of Belarus. Unlikely it will have them. "

"Given the paper in which it is written:" In the Minsk city prosecutor has information about what you are going to organize and act in the organization "Association of Belarusian students," which was liquidated in 2001 … You’ve been officially warned that the Criminal Code contains an article and, if you continue, we will bring to justice for his role in an unregistered organization ". Well, it’s most likely an attempt to intimidate all youth organizations operating in the areas of the Republic of Belarus. Unlikely it at their work, as youth all the same will meet and arrange their shares. "
Activists liquidated student organizations believe that the KGB have lists of some members of the organization. Lists drawn up by the police after his arrest.
"Partnership", "Young Front" … Subsequent — WBCs?
In the past year December 22 riot police detained about 20 activists of the association during a party in private apartment and taken to the police all the Russian region. Several people, including Mikhalevich, accused in a small hooliganism.
In This year February 10 KGB and police detained more than 3 x 10-s activists if they tried to hold a town constituent assembly.
Activists WBCs do not exclude that the prosecutor may soon bring criminal charges against several members of the organization. In this case, BSA will be the third after the youth organization "Partnership" and "Young Front", whose members are enticed to criminal responsibility for his role in an unregistered organization.
26 detained activists ‘Association of Belarusian Students’ 10.02.2007
Mikhalevich and Vasily Lepesh put in jail on Akrestin 23.12.2006

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