Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Under the wing … lying undone war Iraq, everywhere shows the consequences of NATO bombing nedavneshnih aviation desert surface dot countless craters on split fragments were burning vehicles and tanks. Once blossoming oasis towns now turned into the dusty ruins, terrible darkness blanketed the horizon from burning oil wells.

Winter of 1991, a tactical strike aircraft once again substantiate their highest combat abilities: using precision-guided munitions, fighter-bombers for 30 days of continuous bombing absolutely paralyzed the country. Multipurpose machine F-16, F-15E, F-111 and F/A-18 at times caused more harm than abdominous-52 and scandalously famous «stealth».

In the midst of multi-purpose attack zabugornyh machines increasingly important receive F-15E «Strike Eagle» — which is making his debut in «Operation Desert Storm», «Strike Needles» made Yugoslavia atrocities on the ground, then to return again to the Persian Gulf (2003) Now F-15E became a major force aviation combat load due to the good and perfect sighting equipment, F-15E could find and destroy the most complex goals.
Thought creation of a universal strike aircraft was burning not only abroad. Even in the midst of the 80s in the OKB. PO Sukhoi started work on the development of modern percussion machine 4th generation on the basis of the Su-27. Project under the code T-10B was then implemented as a front-line bomber Su-34. In connection with certain political and economic changes that have occurred in our Fatherland, mass production of the Su-34 began a couple of years back, at the current time, the new bombers uniformly replaced by the line of duty the previous generation aircraft Su-24. Let us hope that in the near future the Su-34 aircraft will be a major frontline bombers the Russian Air Force, and their export modification receive extensive recognition in the global market.

Two very different machines — the Su-34 and F-15E aim to perform similar tasks. Which car was perfect? And in general, is it correct to associate with Su-34 F-15E? Try to answer these questions.

Pedigree heroes

Blow from the flank
Multipurpose highly maneuverable fighter with unmatched flight characteristics. Su-27 aerobatics brought to a new level previously unattainable opened in aviation flight regimes. Domestic and foreign experts at recognize that on the plane today implemented best aerodynamic design. Thanks to the integrated assembly and by the design of static instability, Su-27 got an advantage in dogfights over how even enemy aircraft.

Genes Tested killer killer, who won 104 confirmed aerial victories. The first airplane in the world 4th generation which 10 years before the Su-27, was the undisputed ruler of the heavens — anyone who dared to challenge the F-15, at the same moment replenish the list of trophies «Needle».


Supersonic protected cruisers, designed for low-altitude raids crazy on enemy positions. Powerful shock machine based fighter has been practiced for winding up the strong goals NIGHT MODE and funny day in the most dense fog and angry thunderstorm in the criteria of massive electronic jamming and layered defense.
Su-34 joined in the experience of the introduction of martial drum machines in local conflicts. For the first time in aviation history, cabin frontline bombers made a strong bronekapsuly. Crew and important aircraft aggregates covered titanium armor up to 17 mm width.

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Log into the cabin through the niche front landing gear

Despite the doubts of a number of professionals in need of protection similar to modern aircraft (the bullet hit DShK 20 mm armor steel with a distance of 500 m, Rockets 23-mm automatic anti-aircraft guns tore to shreds such armor at a distance of a kilometer, and on factors affecting the combat units are not anti-aircraft missiles even worth mentioning) — in spite of all these doubts firmly body armor protects the plane by a stray bullet from small tools that increase survival machines in low-altitude flights over enemy territory.

A unique feature of the Su-34 was the presence of the second radar survey of the rear hemisphere — fit system will warn the crew of the danger, and, if need be, to answer a volley of guided missiles to try to hit the enemy fighter «dry» in the back.

Turbulent eddies and strong gusts of wind near the earth will not be able to prevent the crew perform a combat puzzle — astute electronics Su-34 will determine the growth of loads and help pilots come frontal horizontal tail plane, the system automatic dampens harmful aerodynamic phenomena.

Hallmark of the Su-34 has become a double cabin, in which the pilot and the navigator is not «breathe in the head» at each other, and are sitting «shoulder to shoulder» — a decision improves ergonomics jobs and simplifies the interaction between crew members. Cab «dry» is equipped with everything necessary for distant raids — on board there is a bathroom and a kitchenette with microwave, in the cockpit pretty place to stay — one of the crew members can sleep on the floor between the seats.

Intelligent electronics without the help of others leads to the target plane, pilots satisfy hunger, and comfortably settled in a warm comfortable spacious cab in ejection seats K-36DM … Idyll! Despite the sarcastic remarks about the need for such facilities on board frontline bombers, sortie which lasts from 2-3 hours of power — that disgusting that the designers managed to provide so unprecedented measures for the convenience of the crew? If, on the contrary, the pilots were sitting in the narrow cramped cockpit — began discussions about what the engineers did not pay attention to ergonomics.

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

And what about weapons? Than please the Russian frontline bomber «potential enemy»? Eight tonnes of payload at 12 knots outer suspension, integrated air gun, 30 mm. Wide range of weapons: bombs and blocks svobodnopadayuschie unguided missiles, precision weapons complex on the basis of air bombs and missiles «air-surface» — different weight and destination.
Not counting the shock weapons, aircraft can carry containers on the outer nodes of electronic warfare, mounted fuel tanks, containers and compact cargo aircraft armament to conduct air combat, broadly similar fighter Su-27 — for example, eight medium-range missiles RVV-AE.

Despite the short period of operation, the Su-34 already had a chance to take part in real combat conflict. During the war, «three eights» Su-34 Russian Air Force used for electronic warfare over Georgian positions. In the course thereof, of sorties, he destroyed protivoradarnyh the Kh-31P main radar 36D6-M Shavshvebi near the village, the paralyzing the Georgian air defense system.

F-15E «Strike Eagle»

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

«Strike Eagle» — almost all diverse machine, often denoted as multi-role fighter. What a shame it did not sound, this is misleading: in fact F-15E — a powerful strike aircraft, aimed at destruction of ground targets. If you call a spade a spade, the F-15E is a front-line (tactical) bombers — choose the title for herself to taste. I include in this regard is quite a good reason:

1. Allegation that F-15E fighter units assigned to the U.S. Air Force did not fully justify. For example, the fighter units, along with the F-15E, listed as anti-attack aircraft A-10 «Thunderbolt». Phenomenon? Stupid or secrecy?

2. Tactical bomber (repeat bomber!) F-15E is able to use the world’s widest range of ammunition «air-surface», among which:
— guided and unguided bombs weighing up to 5,000 pounds (2270 kg)
— range ammunition JDAM (set based on GPS, which turns any svobodnopadayuschie bomb in precision instrument)
— three types of cluster munitions CBU
— upravlyamye missiles AGM-65 «Mevrik» languid AGM-130 and AGM-158,
— anti-ship missiles, «Harpoon»
— anti-radar missiles HARM,
— tactical nuclear weapon — B61 bomb with eight types of combat units of different power to defeat the purposes of highly. Just in case.

3. Crew of 2 persons, the ability to make a flight on ultra low altitude terrain following mode, radar, optimized for the detection of ground targets, 10 400 kg mounting parts (bombs, fuel tanks, sighting and navigation system) — specifically with these positions need to look at the plane.

4. Finally, experience in implementing F-15E leaves no hesitation — before us bomber, disguised as a fighter in embarrassment. Awful bloody trail stretches for «Eagle’s gaggle» through the mountains of Afghanistan and the oil-rich Mesopotamia through Palestine, the Balkans and Libya … Only in the winter 1991 in Iraq, while 24 more «experimental» F-15E sorties made in 2142! What job did «Strike Needles» in Iraq? Engaged in search and liquidation principal ground targets: missile positions of «Scud» command Fri, convoys, anti-aircraft missiles, the case of survivors after a loud blow «Tomahawks.»

Power «Strike Eagle» in its hinged containers, first sighting and navigation system LANTIRN (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night), amplifying the light of stars in the 25 thousand times. From a technical point of view, the system consists of a 2-electrical units — AN/AAQ-13 navigation and aiming AN/AAQ-14, whose data are projected onto the windshield cockpit indicator. The weight of each container within the boundaries of 200 kg, navigation and radar imager has to track the terrain, the impact — additional thermal imager with highest resolution, laser rangefinder and target tracking sensors. All this allows the «Strike Needle» make fast shots at midget height (30-70 m, depending on topography), detect and destroy point targets at any time of the day and in all weather criteria.

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

Display on the windshield of the F-16, Loaded container LANTIRN

LANTIRN is a mandatory attribute the majority of U.S. Air Force aircraft operating in local conflicts — except the F-15E, these complexes are equipped last modified F-16. But «Strike Eagle» there are some unique features, for example — radar APG-70 c of the highest-resolution detection of ground targets: at a distance of 300 km resolution is 38 m (this is enough to see wriggle riverbed or contrasting building urban area), with a distance of 30 km resolution radar «Strike Eagle» improves to 2.5 m — becomes visible no matter what point target. Another feature of the APG-70 was the possibility of mapping the underlying terrain, with all this «picture» retains enough quality even when maneuvering with repeated overload.
20 years have passed and the APG-70 with a slot antenna array quite outdated — currently being conducted by the substitution of an old radar promising APG-82. «Strike Needles» — the world’s only tactical bombers, kitted radar with active phased array antenna.

Representatives of the U.S. Air Force emphasized that F-15E was created specifically for action criteria strong enemy air defenses, and in the case of deterioration of the situation, is capable of without the help of others to fend for themselves in a dogfight — specialization in aircraft configuration is not much touched its destructive properties. «Strike Eagle» is still able to carry and use missiles «air-air» of small and medium-range missiles, including the AIM-120 (beloved rocket fighter aircraft F-15, usually in international exercises require the Air Force representatives zabugornyh not use this instrument — in another dogfight ends and before it started).

Preserved and flying characteristics fighter to win advantages in the air — climb «Strike Eagle» achieves 250 m / s, and the highest speed without suspension exceeds 2.5 the speed of sound (2650 km / h). Obviously, it has not much to do to fulfill his «main job» — at low altitude as possible, hung with clusters of bombs «Strike Eagle», as well as Su-34 flying at transonic speeds.
Highest fighting properties and versatility «Strike Eagle» earned him some popularity in the international arms market. Besides the U.S. Air Force, expensive and difficult «Strike Eagle» limited exploits Israel (25 cars modification F-15I «Thunder»), oil and perverted its grandeur Saudi Arabia (84 machines, modification F-15S) and the city-state of Singapore (24 car modification F-15SG) — by the way, this tiny country has a truly great Air Force — a 100 most modern combat aircraft, with all this area of ​​Singapore is 4 times smaller than the area of ​​Moscow! Another operator F-15E is South Korea — in 2002, despite the role of such «luminaries» as the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and Su-35, a tender for the supply of 40 combat aircraft has won all the same «Strike Eagle» (Korean modification F-15K).

Su-34 and F-15E. The meeting is inevitable

At the front F-15E engines nacelles under perfectly perceptible containers sighting and navigation system

Excellent noticeable that the «top-end» tactical bomber modification bought only the wealthiest U.S. allies smaller European NATO countries prefer to buy a cheap relative to the F-16. NATO air in most cases, have to operate in local conflicts, where there is a strong defense, and enemy aircraft destroyed on the ground. When using containers with hinged sighting and navigation equipment, the difference between the F-15E and F-16 Block 60 in such criteria are not fundamentally and F-16 costs half the price. While talking about saving what is irrelevant, unless set of containers LANTIRN worth 5 million dollars!

Results of correspondence bout

Russian frontline bomber created as a result of global rethinking of the Su-27. Despite the apparent external similarity, at least some element of the construction of the Su-34 is a very latest item. Bronekabina, landing gear, avionics … changed almost everything. Appeared frontal horizontal tail, but missing ventral fins and adjustable vozduhopoglotiteli engines. In developing promising bomber Su-34 were taken into account the results of recent local conflicts, ultimately, will create a powerful and Equilibrium strike aircraft.

South American F-15E — successful improvisation based on serial fighter precisely double its curriculum modification F-15D. By plane undergone a change only the main elements — its avionics and weapons. «Strike Eagle» impresses with its highest technology: radar AFAR, vserakursnym staging station jamming, conformal fuel tanks (made in the form of streamlined pads on the sides of the plane).

Every machine is strong in its own way. The only convincing advantage «Strike-Needle» — his great military experience. But, despite all the many arguments, though fully yavna — once on the site of the pilot, at least some of us would prefer armored cockpit of the Su-34.
Oleg created Kaptsov

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