Suppliers furniture Zhuravkova sat in the dock

Only 3 of the 10-s interrogate witnesses left the military judicial board, the 10th month is considering so referred "Furniture business." In the case of families, and portrayed the company already known by the process of the former managing director of President Galina Zhuravkova.
Investigators believe that within a couple of years in Belarus with violations of customs law expensive imported Italian furniture, which later took himself profitably bureaucrats presidential administration and other departments. In including Galina Zhuravkova. Mention on the course and former managers of the enterprise controlled by her "Snow White Rus" Yuri Matusevicha and Alexander Murashko. Recall two years reversing all 3 Tribunal found guilty of embezzlement of municipal property in especially large sizes, but the former bureaucrats already free. Incidentally, Galina Zhuravkova Never left for a day or any colony, since its pardoned Alexander Lukashenko. About how God MATUSEVICH Murashko and instead managed to serve four years in prison for several months, told journalist Sergei Satsuk:
"They returned the stolen funds. Matoussevitch returned more than a million bucks, Murashko also indemnify, and they were released almost immediately."
Currently in "the furniture business" Matusevich and Ant portrayed as witnesses. With all of this investigation learned that Yuri Murashko relates to the base of the company through which to sell Italian furniture. A bill, which transfers funds appearing in Alexander Matusevicha. But claims to the former officials were not charged.
The main accused in the Italian consulate passes director furniture company "Lamberta Banduchy and Sas" Lena Filipenko. According to investigators, she organized this illegal trade of furniture, and it has to sit in jail for 7 years.
With Lena Filipenko, I could not talk. Already 18 months lady is under house arrest, mobile phone use is not allowed, and the home is silent. But her lawyer Anastasia Korchagina the conversation did not refuse. According to the lawyer, Lena Filipenko pleads not guilty even more so does not agree with that because it made the control of the criminal group.
"Her situation is quite different from other furniture showrooms. If other imported furniture as legal entities, so she worked as a representative of the company. Furniture was purchased by buyers directly in a foreign country. Some reason this difference investigators do not notice, and since we are the nepokorlivye us and make the most important . "
Observers do not exclude that the true leaders of the illegal furniture business to avoid liability by using its highest position or bonds, while in the dock were again referred to as "scapegoats." In fact portrayed as several former officers of the Customs Service. Among them — Sergey Dmitriev, the last chief of Customs Control. This is the second process of the role of Sergei Dmitriev. Previously, he appeared in the case of illegal shipments of coffee and reserves and has already received more than 10 years in prison. Observers note that the additional term for "furniture business" does not increment the general term of the former customs officer.
Corruption scandals in Belarus became a strong phenomenon, but it is not guaranteed that the bureaucrats who grabbed his arm and even convicted, will serve his sentence. Not counting said Galina Zhuravkova escaped such fate last head of the Belarusian Steel road Victor Rakhmanko. Just yesterday, it became clear on the detention chairman "Belneftekhim" Alexander Borovsky. But it is possible that his fate again can drastically change.
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