Survey in Minsk: What problem is more acute in the modern world?

Lady: "Terrorism, because it has an impact on the world and international politics."
Lady: "I think this problem — terrorism. Terrible problem. "
Man: "The problem of the future. Every hunt, so she was the best. But everyone has their own look at it. Someone principled politician, someone — ecology. Necessary to choose something in between."
Man: "I find it hard to say. I do not think that global warming or terrorism prepyadstviya affect our society."
Lady: "Environmental problem. Global warming. This applies to all. "
Young Man: "I think terrorism. All spheres of life, culture impregnated with this — becomes culture shock."
Reporter: "What do you think the problem of more acute in the modern world?"
Man: "The problem peranaselenastsi. Land is not rubber, and people are becoming more . "
Young Man: "Terrorism is a lot in the country."
Man: "poverty. Most of the people live quite poor, and only a small part of making super-profits. "
Man: "Bezduhovnasts. Values were changed in soon. People have less to bother about the soul and more thinking about the body. "
Woman: "Apparently, terrorism. Because affects all countries, and not only a huge eight. And if we do not unite, we will not build our country on Christian values, we can not survive in the struggle against terrorism. "

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