T-50 FIGHTER send the new TEST

T-50 FIGHTER send the new TEST
Serial deliveries fighter fifth generation T-50 to the Air Force of Russia will begin in 2016. This was stated by Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev.

According to him, the program tests promising aviation complex tactical aviation going well.

«Industry has released five cars that pass the tests. Until March 2014, one of them will be transferred to us in the 929 th Council flight test center for the subsequent tests, «- said Viktor Bondarev.

He also said that the aircraft factory Holding «Sukhoi» Komsomolsk-on-Amur put the Russian Air Force 12 multi-purpose fighter Su-35. In 2014, the Air Force should get another 12 Su-35, and in 2015 — 14 more.

According to Su-35 will go to equip airbase «Dzemgi.» Viktor Bondarev said that the machine complies with super maneuverability, and he is jealous of the young pilots who will fly the Su-35.

As reported previously Gudok.ru, new Russian fighter 5th generation Su-35 was first shown abroad — at the 50th Le Bourget (France). Su-35 — Russian jet maneuverable multi-role fighter designed in Sukhoi is deep modernization platform T-10S. First, the plane was called the Su-35BM (Big Modernization), in order to avoid confusions with the Su-27M, which was exhibited at international airshows under the symbol «Su-35», but at the moment the official name — the Su-35 (without any alphabetic index ). Modification to the Russian Air Force is designated as the Su-35S.

As for fighter fifth generation T-50, he resettled advanced targeting system. The main advantage of the missile system is a system of retention goals — the rocket itself adapts to the maneuvers of the enemy. Since the first launch homing missiles will ensure the aircraft or missile hit the enemy, and the new radar will provide momentary response to at least some missile maneuver the enemy.

Preliminary tests factory PAK-FA will end before the end of 2013. First experienced copies already made by programmke more than 450 flights. At the municipal tests it will go in the first quarter of 2014, their first step will end in 2015. Deliveries of production aircraft is scheduled for 2016.

Also previously reported that the company «Sukhoi» engaged in the development of the first flight of a new standard shock UAV weighing 20 tons. According to the source disk imaging in the military-industrial complex, the willingness of the first standard shock UAV weighing 20 tonnes, over which runs «dry», is scheduled for 2018.

Viktor Bondarev noted that the sixth-generation aircraft — is, first, the drones, which are controlled by artificial intelligence. Shred Russian aircraft of this type in the world arms market by 2022 could reach 5%. At present, the Russian Federation has already made competitive standards drones «Aileron-10», «White-10», «HALL-421-016.» They are all fully meet modern requirements, and in some positions even surpass zabugornye counterparts.

In addition, it is expected that in 2019 the Ministry of Defence on the tests go far promising aviation complex aircraft (PAK DA).

Meant that the bomber would replace existing aircraft TU-160, TU-95 and TU-22. The complex will be able to overcome the modern air defenses, conduct electronic warfare and use new high-precision missiles and bombs.

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