Take root in Belarus commercial Nurse?

Procedure contract between the surrogate or "commercial" mom who will bear the baby, and genetic, that only 9 months after the beginning of the process acquire the status of "native" no problems doing. In the four basic values notary fees (equivalent to 60 bucks) just enforce appropriate articles of the agreement. First Honey is the choice places, where it will be be monitored pregnant and where it will be able to attend the genetic mother, payment of expenses during vynoshvannya, nutrition and medabslugovvannya. Have previously negotiated and living conditions during pregnancy.
Minsk center for reproductive medicine with surrogacy have not encountered
However, the ability to reason about the advantages or disadvantages of such a method of kids not in theory, but in practice a little while.
Minsk center for reproductive medicine, I phoned the other day, with not yet encountered. In commercial establishments in one voice were that specialize in artificial asemyanenni ladies who get pregnant and give birth to itself. And the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre "Mother and Child", where all the information about stsyakaetstsa innovations in the field of fertility, summed up:
"Realize that if the first case of surrogacy, we have, of course, no experience this case not. Therefore need to treat those who put puzzles for the country. We do not have the expertise available, and you need to spec, that has practical knowledge. After all, if we passed a law in this issue (I know that the amendments were added, one does not know whether they have passed), but in any case it is necessary to find the head of spices in this matter. "
"This law secret, and this disk imaging, no one will be"
The search for a competent person brought to the main midwife and gynecologist MOH Svetlana Shilov. Specifically, she was preparing regulations on surrogacy, which Last year found a reflection in the latest edition of the Code on Marriage and Family. But Ms. Shilov sought to distance himself from the subject — it was felt that such a view does not fit her motherhood:
"I do not think it is the first, this case, but I have no such disk imaging, I do not keep such statistics. Enigma This law, and this disk imaging, no one is, the more I have."
Reporter: "In Ukraine, in Russia there are centers for the selection of candidates …"
"This commercial centers, who earn money. And we live in a country — said Svetlana Shilov. — And my position — I’m against or not — here at anything. I know what surrogacy and what may be the problem with this. And there are cases themselves, someone signed something — it’s not honey nuance. We have testimony or supratspakazanni and a list of medical examination and genetic surrogate mother. And if they contract surrogacy. Significant terms of the contract identified Resolution of the Council of Ministers. "
In Ukraine pay surrogate mothers to 30 thousand dollars
The price of services for surrogacy is dependent on the agreement between the parties and Belarus not delineated due to the lack of previous precedents. But in Ukraine has appointed adjoining commercial centers that specialize in recruiting and "pimping" mothers of all kinds. So, from the websites of institutions it is clear that the service starts from $ 1,000 (search the respective candidates in the database) and up to 30 thousand (VIP-package with the complete contents of the "object"). In Russia, where the level of demand is uniformly superior to even the world’s standards, these amounts are many times more.
In particular, carefully controlled point providing mutual responsibilities surrogate mother to pass the baby, and genetic — take it after birth. As indicated by the global practice, often in the course of pregnancy in "commercial Nurse" aggravated feeling of motherhood and she just refuses to give the kid in the "wrong hands." In general, similar could happen with the genetic mother, who is revising its plans for the children.
Belarus earn uncontrolled birth
Meanwhile, thousands of orphans in Belarus, which is no hurry to make happy. Deputy Director in the educational work of socio-pedagogical center with a shelter Leninsky district Oksana Gauvin knows that there are families who are willing to earn virtually uncontrolled birth. However, in this case, not nurturing for other kids, and often "pladanosyachy" for state benefits. And getting help, but here it spend on drink. Confirmation of this — students shelter that fall there are more families of alcoholics and zapivoh:
"Yes, there is a problem ancestors. But Babes remarkable. Only that, of course, they lacked warmth, affection, attention and care. Other words, when they come here to us, we are so warmed, we Kuta their care, love and they get a chance to just be kids. other words, it appears from their childhood, they, unfortunately, have been deprived of in their own native families. But they all — beautiful. "
• In Poland, the topic of surrogate mothers causes heated debate, 21.06.2007

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