Teacher, ethnographer, creator Gudevichsky Ales museum Belokozy — 80 years

Jubiljar himself in his 80s has a lot of plans:
"When I uttered in 1986, I had cancer, went metastases and there is no salvation, I asked God to give six months to live. Thank God, refused to doctors and live for 22 years and feel great. Believe that 80 years is no longer shameful to breathe. But I still quite large work plans — for 6 years. Well, there probably will be new … "
Ales Belokozy dreamed of becoming a doctor, but in medical school does not reach. In 1948 he began working in Gudevichsky school. Wanted to become a mathematician, but he felt that the first duty of every person, and even more so teacher, perfectly know the native language. In 1965, he establishes a correspondence with students of Belarusian writer, organizes school office of the Belarusian literature, on the basis of which a few years was a museum. Since 1990 Gudevichsky literary and ethnographic museum has the status of municipal and employs about 15 thousand artifacts collected Ales Belokozy together with his students. For example, there is only a globe inscribed in whiteRussian language. Once on them studied geography students Vilnius Belarusian gymnasium. The most expensive exhibits for Ales Belokoza …
"This letter of our Belarusian patriots memoir writers Larissa Heniyush, Melezha, Karatkevich, Bykov, Karpyuk, drafts of their works, wishes Belarus, expressions of the language. We very many collected expressions of the language. This is for me the most precious. Also very expensive ethnographic exhibits we have: double carpet, it was woven date "1898", the carpet in 1900, which contributed Larissa Heniyush. In general, we now have the most extensive collection of double carpets in the world ".
Ales Belokozy not once felt pressure from the authorities, as the KGB. But despite the obstacles, the Museum continued to exist and even expanded. In 2004 Sovereign Belokozy refused to hang in a museum portrait of the president, and he was banished to retire. Outlook poet Gennady Buraukin:
"He’s in his own case to a civilian, civilian positions held since the period when waged war with the Belarusian theme for the time again with the Belarusian theme was to wage war. Blundered And nowhere — neither then nor at the moment. If b such Belokozy was in each area, we have a completely different and it would be with our culture and with an attitude to language. And I beg you and God, and of Alexander Nikolaevich, that we were with him for a long time on our Belarusian land. "
Countryman and friend Ales Belokoza painter Levon Vashkov of Bridges says:
"People like Alexander — are units that preserve our civilization. Cognition spiritual heritage of people accumulated in the minds of the few people who protect our country practically, cherish it, transmit own experience to others. And so as seeing him — it as touching the people. Since in our environment is a real Russified Belarus ".

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