The border zone cut, but it is unclear when

According to the head of the country border guards, "in some areas there are objects of culture and recreation, where citizens will get very difficult."
Reducing border zones — part applets reform Border Service, which, but not yet adopted by absolutely. "When will the reduction in border zones and how large, we ourselves do not know yet. Yet approved only reform concept. Else — work for many years", — explained Radio Liberty the press service of the State Committee of Border Troops.
Border zone — it’s a strip along the border, check-in, which without a corresponding permission is prohibited even citizens. Usually, the band width of 10 km and more than.
The border zone of approximately the same width and there on the back side of the Belarusian border — on the territory of Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
But EU member states citizens to travel to the border area even easier.
"My native village is in such area. Border guards often go there, inspect documents. But to get there, a special permit is not necessary. My wife Belarus arrives without permission" — said, "Freedom" Polish journalist working in Belarus.

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