The CEC did not register the active group against contracts

The Central Election Commission has considered active group meeting, held May 1 at the Bangalore Square in Minsk, incompetent.
CEC Chairman Lidia Yermoshina said:
"The Central Commission has checked the order of creation and activities of the group led to that meeting was unlawful activities of the group, because a number of participants of the meeting, the organizers announced on Actually role in the meeting did not take. Quorum was not suitable. "
CEC found that the active group is only 495 people. At the founding meeting was attended by 246 people, and it takes more than half.
Proposed contracts with the directors "contrary to the Constitution"
Chairman of the Belarusian trade union of radio industry Fedynich Pronunciation:

G.Fyadynich: "We can arrange a meeting again. But our country it means nothing. "

"As for the one who was and who was not at the meeting, we will also look at. And I know such incidents were in the town of Brest, when the head of the electoral commission called and was called — who. And first read everything, but in the end said : do you remember that meeting on contracts or not? We know how that goes. We can arrange a meeting again. But in our country, it does not mean anything. "
The Ministry of Justice also concluded that the bills submitted by the organizers did not comply with the Constitution.
Some of them offer to enter into contracts only with representatives of certain professions — directors and their deputies, and other accountant.
"Labor Code applies so far, and above all are the decrees"
Commenting on the decision of the CEC, Fedynich said:
"I was most impressed that the Labour Code applies so far, and above all are the decrees. We bow our heads before the authorities here. For us at the moment is more important than the rights of the working man. A working majority in the republic’s own desire to work without such slave contracts.

G.Fyadynich: "Working own republic in most willing to work without such slave contracts. Authorities did not wait for that so they will remove the problem of decision."

Authorities will not wait that they will take such a decision problem of contracts. They have not removed it, but on the contrary — even more aggravated. "
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