The Consulate of the European Commission delayed

Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov in response RL marked than on the views of the authorities should deal with the new cabinet:
"This is, first, the energy sphere. And many others in which mutual cooperation intrigued to obvious and even impartial. This — transit, border infrastructure, international crime, including trafficking. Well, and, of course, security environment. "
Browser international portal «Wider Europe» Roman Jacob pays attention to the fact that the official Belarusian authorities to bypass the difficulties of democracy and Human Rights in Belarus. In his view, the authorities wish to limit the activities of the consulate, that has status of the embassy:
"The Belarusian side now longs to use the experience of the last mandate of the OSCE office in Belarus. And he, as you know, is very limited and only applies to relations with the Belarusian government.
With regard to the consulate of the European Commission, the Belarusian side has no right to restrict the activities of such institutions in Belarus. Not allowed host to restrict the activities diplomatic mission. "
Foreign Ministry spokesman neither confirmed nor denied reports that the negotiations with Brussels involved, owed — a special representative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus.
According to Andrei Popov, "the mandate of the Special Representative Minister anticipates visiting European countries and discuss the broad issues of the development of relations between Belarus and the European structures."
In the office of the Liberal Democratic Party, we were told that, owed is zabugornoy trip.
I called on a mobile phone and sovereign Haidukevich found outside Republic of Belarus:
"No comment. I am abroad. And the weather here is not bad. "

In Kiev consulate of the European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus. With the proposal to open an independent office in Minsk Commission appealed to the Belarusian authorities still 2005. But the positive response gave only official Minsk in April.

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• On what criteria will be opened in Minsk office of the European Commission?

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