The forgotten Ivanivka

In the village Ivanivka along a single street which is called Guerrilla remained three houses with gardens — like three small islands. Other huts were burned or dilapidated, overgrown with weeds and bushes.
Guerrilla Street, on which they live Five elderly
Ivanivtsi live in three families — five helpless elderly.
Knows the 78-year-old Valentina Tarasenko:
"It is hard, and how hard. Gardens were our overgrown, feral pigs steamed potatoes. And strolling elk and wolves stroll. We live in such wilderness that God forbid. Three families. Before Chernobyl there was a full settlement. Currently thrown houses burnt. oh so ignite, the fire around us. parazbirali And then on the wood for firewood to take stern cuisine in Strelichevo. "
Valentine Tarasenko unhealthy spouse Basil
Baba `s lives in Ivanivtsi unhealthy spouse. When the village were evicted, will they not go with Basil:
"Since we have no relatives — we do not have kids. And left. Spouse paralyzed twice already. Unhealthy it. Me too bad. Least to move and not to live in the wilderness."
Neighbor Mrs. Maria Valentina Buinevich not so long ago, his wife’s funeral, and now lives alone. Babes in the former Soviet Union has departed, who where. One son, sailor, lives right on the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Maria Buinevich near his home
Retiree says that in This year farm "Strelichevo" has promoted her tractor to plant potatoes. But after her very trampled state farm stallions. Generally keep the economy, without which it is impossible to live here, there was no power.
"I decide not to help our farm, do not give the apartment — Light house and she will burn, death make for themselves. According to another can not live. And that live here? Overgrown all — terribly. Winter snow attacks, you can not go anywhere. Least where Strelichevo any house we were given, albeit small, "- says Maria Buinevich.
Villagers often get in Hoinikskii executive committee, in Stralichavski village council — asked to move them closer to the people. But were denied: that the relocation is completed, and the village Ivanivka generally derived from a number of mandatory evacuation of settlements.

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