The list of delegates to the Congress of Democratic Forces 916

Congress Democratic Forces Belarus will be held May 26-27 at the Palace of Culture of MAZ. Starting at 13 o’clock.
The list of delegates to the Congress — 916 people. Among them elected at meetings of activists, members election campaigns and 22 well-known personalities. Among them Vladimir Orlov, Ryhor Baradulin Neil Gilevich, Radim Gorki and others. More than 100 people have the status of invitees.
Delegates began 29 political prisoners who have stayed in jail during the reign Alexander Lukashenko. This Siuchyk, Vadm Labkovich Misha Marynitch Paul Seviarynets, Statkevich and others. Status delegates endowed with political prisoners, are presently behind bars — Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Klimov, and others.
At the Congress invited all embassies and international organizations accredited in Belarus. Visited by representatives of the Swedish parliament, the State Duma of Russian deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov and Chairman of Union of Right Forces Nikita crisp white.
According to the decision of the Regional Conferences delegates democratic coalition will lead the co-chairs. Alexander Milinkevich speak at the Congress, but decided to run for the co-chairs will not. The situation is commented favorite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin.
"His place can not be filled by anyone else, as it was voted the delegates voting at a quorum lurking 75 percent of all delegates. Alexander Milinkevich can take place and be responsible for the co-chair of a certain piece of work. But of course no one forced Milinkevich can not do co-chair . On this day for Milinkevich door is always open … "

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