The question of leadership in the opposition has dares Sunday

More sense at the end of a day or Congress was a performance former chairman of the Supreme Council Stanislav Shushkevich, which invited delegates to the congress newsletter Enigma voting with 2 questions. First — or vote for the co-chairs of the Political Council, second — or to elect Milinkevich.
One of the organizers of the congress favorite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin believes that the proposal did not pass.
"There are no emergencies in the first day of the Congress was not. Were hot performances, the hall was a little Quakers who were not delegates, but tried to lobby for the interests of any political power. Then everything went into the mainstream of civilized exchange of views and ventured democratic method — ballot. truth was introduced at the end of the proposal for a vote of Enigma newsletter to speak or act for the election of delegates to the co-chairs or for election as Chairman Milinkevich. But it already was. At the meeting in Vilnius was approved an agreement in which it was written that it passed a controversial issue for Enigma voting delegates at regional meetings. At these meetings, attended by 75 percent of all delegates. And these people in favor of the co-chairs. Current attempt to damage this agreement may be unsafe. But I think that this proposal will not work tomorrow. "
Alexander Milinkevich, Who took part in the Congress, has decided not to stand in the co-chairs, he believes that the opposition to fight the dictatorship need one favorite, and he is willing to offer his candidacy and take responsibility. Milinkevich expressed cautious optimism gait Congress.
"Fortunately, the forum does not pass, as in communist times, there is a debate, there are other suggestions. And the audience comes alive in such moments. Indeed, it was already quite hopeless, as it was decided to Congress. Hopefully what that common sense will overcome and all truth usvoyut. "
In the first half a day or a major issue around which there was disagreement offer former political prisoner Statkevich make the draft strategy of the democratic forces, which has developed the European coalition.
Statkevich considers draft strategy developed by a coalition of terror strategy and expectations, and their own project — control strategy. But by a vote of his proposal was not approved.
Last political prisoner Paul Seviarynets supported the project "strategy" Statkevich, which was rejected by a majority of delegates. Paul told us:
"Rejected its 280 delegates voted for — 256. For this time came about 100 congress delegates stranded regions, because the layout of forces at the moment is not obvious … Certainly, the struggle lasts this strategy, maybe we will raise the question of voting for a favorite specifically Congress. Congress organizers pretend that this issue has been resolved. But I hope that we will raise this question and walking direction of Congress acquires unity government, fighting forces. "

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