The representative of the Russian defense industry: We do not sell an instrument through Belarus

By him, "Our homeland does not allow itself to action behind international community", and such charges "go from dishonest competitors."
Discussions about Our homeland that delivers an instrument in hot points are not conducted the first year. In This year organization "Amnesty International", presented a report, whereby Our homeland and China supplied a weapon in the conflict zone in Darfur — Sudan province, where there is a war civilians.
According to the defenders of supplying weapons that are banned UN also participated Belarus, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
Last topic realization Russian guns was rising rapidly through Belarus in March in connection with the suspicious death of a journalist in Moscow newspaper "Kommersant" Ivan Safronov.

Journalist returned from military exhibition in Abu Dhabi, where Tipo vyznat on such supplies and going on to write them. After several days Ivan Safronov found the dead under the windows of his home. According to the official version, he jumped out the window.
• In Moscow journalist died newspaper "Kommersant" Ivan Safronov.,, 17.05.2007

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