The trial of Malady — early trade with the West

"Gazeta Wyborcza" writes that for belonging to an unregistered organization "Belarusian regime always without hesitation planted in jail." And This time "The prosecutor claimed just fine."
"On This time police also beat and dispersed several hundred protesters outside the courthouse that sought the release of their own supporters. Regime was in a difficult situation and therefore becomes more Myagenkaya "- quoted by the weekly presentation professionals.
"Wyborcza" calls as "absurd" the charge of the address activists Junior Front, because the company "more than once tried to register officially."
"After, in the bullpen were Seviarynets Dashkevich and Finkevich, observers had every reason to believe that yesterday’s process will be the "ultimate repossession over opposition group that hates Lukashenko. When it became clear that the activists threatened just fine present were shocked," — says newspaper.
According to "Wyborczej", it can mean "the beginning of trade with the West."
"Constant deterioration of the economic situation after, Our homeland as increased prices for energoelementy deprives Lukashenko confidence "- the newspaper.
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