The trial of Malady: what happened in the courtroom

Courtroom could accommodate several hundred people who came to support the Young. At a hearing be allowed Ambassador of the European Union and the United States, leaders and representatives of the OSCE mission, some politicians, public figures, journalists and parents of the accused.
Referee Ruslan Aniskevich queries which language the defendants wish to speak. Anastasia Palazhanka, Aleh Korban, Zmiter Fedoruk and Haretski claimed to conduct the process on whiteRussian language.
Eventually referee the prosecutor and lawyers had read in Russian, the Young — Belarusian. Interpreter services are not used.
All, except Aleh Korban, pleaded members "Young Front". Oleg said that since 2005 a member of the Joint civilian party. All agreed to hear the case in the absence of Alexei Yanushevski, which is currently is located in the Czech Republic.
The prosecutor was interested in funding sources of the organization. It asks who is responsible for relations with the media and diplomats.
Five of 6 caused witnesses refused to answer most questions. Second, 13-year-old boy, said that he would not testify without a parent and a teacher. He walked out of the courtroom under the applause of the audience.
In the courtroom microphones were not working, hard to hear speeches, because rally support from the street drowned out the speakers.
For the first time for his role in the process of an unregistered organization occurred in public. Also for the first time special forces did not disperse the rally in support of the court building.
Alexander Milinkevich so commented on this "Freedom":

A.Milinkevich: "Clean cynical enthusiasm, I think. Soon they (the authorities) show a very different character, but you can never relax. Each day it could change."

"I think that in Europe scary hunt. Unless Europe, the hunt European funds, as the economy is not normal. Purely cynical enthusiasm, I think. Indeed, as soon as they show a completely different character, but you can never relax. In every day it can change. When Europe was still aggressively say: "No!" That’s all canceled. concessions But even obliged — it is also excellent. Means is something we imagine there are democratic countries have an impact. necessary to take advantage of it. "
Present at the trial U.S. salting Karen Stewart. She expressed her outlook:

K.St ‘Ewart: "I hope that the worst thing that happens to them — fine."

"Of course, I can not read other people’s thoughts. I do not understand all the procedures: what order, who should be at the meeting. Course that intercessors had take their seats, and seats are limited. Needed find some order. I am very glad that people were allowed to be and about the structure of the court. I hope that the worst thing that happens to them — fine. "
The arbitrator, despite the fact that not all caused by the witnesses came, ran to inspect the written materials of the case and immediately whereupon — to disputes.
The prosecutor asked fines to punish men for 15 and a half million rubles, or 7200 dollars, and Anastasia Palazhanka — corrective labor.
Referee Ruslan Aniskevich say Malady verdict tomorrow, May 29, at 15 o’clock.

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