The Tribunal will continue over Christina Shatsikava June 14

Noon starting the proceedings Christina Shatsikava arbitrator Valentine Kismyaroshkina considered necessary almost immediately adjourn: Now a day off, and not have the ability to call a meeting of police witnesses.
Tribunal summons Christina Shatsikava received only about a fifth yesterday evening. Handed her signature under the First of the police department, where Shatsikava was as a witness in the case of Vitebsk activist Andrei Danilevsky.
Christina Shatsikava consult with Valer "it Shchukin (left) and Paul Lyavinau (last on the right)
"I was a witness in Danilevsky Andrew and police refused to give any explanation as to what injuries to their kids — as I’ll explain something to those who beat my kids! Police officer said I was arrested, gave me a summons to the tribunal. Also showed two protocol violations. This disobeying police, while the protocol says that I clutched at their uniforms odezhku. I said that I could it mattersbe only if they grabbed me, and not of his own volition. And picket "- said Cristina Shatsikava.
Actions for which Shatsikava consider criminal held June 6 at the structure Pershamaiski district court, where the process of Valery Shchukin. Young people, including and Christina Shatsikava came to support the well-known journalist and human rights activist. Policemen considered their actions illegal picketing began detaining and beating guys. Physical damage received and youngest son Shatsikava.
Not counting Christina for disobeying police and for his role in an unsanctioned rally were arraigned four activists. Andrew Danilevsky and Gennady balls already sentenced currency fines. Dmitry Lisienko and Ales DEREVYANKO will also judge the following week. Continuation trial Christina Shatsikava appointed on June 14.
Shatsikava with friends at the structure of the district court Pershamajski

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