Theatrical action in defense of the rights of believers

Unauthorized picket in defense of the freedom to practice looked like a real performance. Two guys playing the role of executioners tied hands held behind a lady dressed in white odezhki with placard: "I believe." Before this composition several pantomimic Young people holding a banner "I have the right to faith."
Co-chair of the organizing committee of the creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Alexey Shein says that to a theatrical form of protest youth was obliged to apply because Minsk city executive committee has not given permission to picket.
"We doubled soon applied for holding pickets — says Shein. — The first time we booked the venue for Freedom Square and we were refused, citing the fact that the rally will stop passers-by. At other times we have already booked a place area of Bangalore, then the refusal referred to the wrong paperwork, which consisted of one missing font in one word. "

"Many of sincere believers in this time became a patriot own country, homeland, Belarus … "

According to the Law "On Freedom of Conscience and Religious Organizations" in Belarus, notBelarusian citizens not have the right to on preaching. For this reason, soon had leave Belarus for more than 25 priests and nuns.
One of the priests of the Protestant Church "John the Baptist" Jaroslaw Lukasik, who taught 14 years in Belarus, has to leave the country until June 7. He is forbidden vorachivatsya Belarus for 5 years. Despite this, the priest cheers fruits of preaching:
"All the 14 years that I was here, I tried to serve Belarusians because I serve God. Who really feel happiness, as over now I had fruit. Young people who are some definite patriotic elite of the country, come to God — many of them. And once — many sincere believers in this time became a patriot own country, homeland, Belarus … They love their homeland, serve it, work on it. Because I feel great gratification. "
Another Protestant pastor Anton Bokun June 4 punished by 3 days in jail for unauthorized worship.
• Vitebsk youth unwilling youth center, 05.06.2007 • Protestant pastor A.Bokun punished by 3 days of arrest, 04.06.2007

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