There are no funds in the treasury — dispose of OMON special forces and

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "In Petersburg the CIS summit. Neither Russian TV channel did not mention Belarus and Lukashenko. Neuzh something no one was enthusiastic about our country? Thought. Maybe Belarus withdrew from the CIS. Switched to "Paths" and made sure that it is not, Belarus still there. But in the "Contour" disk imaging was little. No meetings, no negotiations. Fleetingly showed several fragments. Lukashenko was far from Putin next to Saakashvili. Apparently having fun smelled the "Rose Revolution".
Man: "I want to express my outlook on the abolition of privileges. I wish to say to those pensioners and students who have been deprived of benefits. This is helpful for you to vote for premature Lukashenko, for his support in all elections and referendums. If the government for 13 years of his reign came to the point that you are deprived of the benefits, then think that will continue. "
Man: "Good morning, pochetaemoe Radio Liberty Do you ask a couple of years of Belarus to join the" Schengen "? So here I answer. With such power does not come in 100 years."
Man: "Lukashenko said on TV, it must Belarus to build water mills, power plants and all wrapped Belarus network. Then it is necessary to build and farms. Give people in all personal property. Since your Russian farm was built 70 years, everything fell apart. And always on the farm no owner — steal, steal and will steal. And no no discipline. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Vasil Bykov reads:" Gone freedom lost bread. "And unless before the Bolshevik revolution was not a monarchy? Did Duchy of Lithuania in the majestic previously with its Charter was not a monarchy? Democracy just such Bolsheviks brought. A where he wasand freedom, people have not figured out. Family can be regarded as a small government, but democratic families, in which decisions are taken by vote, does not happen. Someone decides one. If the democratic forces and ever existed, then they broke up as a result of natural selection. Families are good and bad, just not democratic. And just still more families in the evil of the law and the separation of obligations, which brings them closer to democracy. A total return, of course. Because the monarchy — it is anarchy, as extreme mix. This is the only true social system. And yet, there is no freedom. Few years ago, I also talked about freedom in my letters to the "Freedom". And there I made mistakes, because previously I was a supporter of democracy, though all depends on what values to invest in those or other words. The meanings of words change. For example, the Roman word "Teran" as I know, had a different meaning, than now . "
Man: "It is very excellent that you pass in "Night Primer" Belarusian poets such delightful as Zeno or Pataransky that really have a wonderful Christian context in his own work, although, of course, certainly, next to them, there are those persons (we will not name names) after which believe that the Belarusian literature over. Here you urge that people gave their outlook over whether any of their own beloved poets want to hear. know, it seems to me that our poets such as Ipatova Nyaklyayeu and need less involved in politics and start seriously thinking about literature and writers, if they have not only great writers, and prominent politicians, speak out so bosses. would I personally wanted to hear the waves of "Freedom" Laikova poems, poems Spitsyna verses Bazyleva leading our young poets. And yet … Could you pass forecast not only on areas of the Republic of Belarus, and where really excellent caught Radio Liberty. In those territories where many Belarusians and where many who thinks whiteRussian language. Namely, in Vilnius, Bialystok Bielsko Podlaskie in Hajnowka as this ethnographic areas, to be honest … "
Anastas Semenovich: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "Comrade lukashystka you state that what benefits canceled because. What do you say? Father and mother did not give brains on this so read you. Donors who start strike, the defects have no rights! So. them I 100% agree. I once at the request of medicine donated. Later refused. This is very hard. you lukashystka, turn in their blood 5 times, then you will have to clear. Chernobyl. These people Bolsheviks did unhealthy. I have a neighbor that many times in a year is treated, and it still would not like forty years. That they, too, need to cancel the benefits? The word "benefits" — this is nonsense. There are no funds in the treasury, and OMON special forces liquidate. And these funds 10 times override the benefits. Here’s where you find the benefits. "

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