There is no order in the common area for students Belpedtehnikumu …

Good day! Meet calendar summer excerpts from publications in the Belarusian media in different years past.
"There is no order in the common room Belpedtehnikumu students — worried in 1927" Star. "- {They are prepared to carry the education black corners of the village. And that looked, makingsmiling in the room where he lives this "salt of the earth" …} mud there the whole naroslo Korh. Cleaning is done almost monthly. On the floor knee debris. Room not prasvyazhayutstsa. Such heavy air that much nose "rip off" … Interactionrelationship between students also unimportant. Often, when a quarrel or fight shchenyatstsa so much pop foreheads. And stroll later with a flashlight under the eyes for weeks. "
On the pages of "Lima" in 1957, candidate of philological sciences M.Loban writes about a brand new in the Belarusian spelling: "After a set of rules you need to perform a huge edition spelling dictionary, which would be-came more complete guide to spelling. Very helpful and absolutely necessary special edition dictionaries geographic titles and proper names. 1 January 1958 changed the spelling enters into force. It certainly appears valid means of increasing the spelling of Belarusian culture of writing ".
"Evening Minsk" in 1987, explains: "In the city of socialist competition for increasing the production of meat, milk and vegetables involves all groups of companies, organizations and institutions of Minsk with subsistence agriculture … During the debriefing and determination favorites considered: average daily gain cattle for fattening, milk yield per forage cow vegetable yield closed and open soil, the cost of meat, milk and vegetables. "

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