This is a continuation of those games that our homeland is the Caucasus

Earlier, President of South Ossetia Eduard Kokoity said that his country is willing to enter into the composition of, but later had to deny himself. As a result, Kokoity said that South Ossetia plans to "more closely with the Russian Federation case by entering South Ossetia into the country of the Union of Russia and Belarus." As Russian and Belarusian political scientists evaluate these statements by the heads of the Caucasian republics?
Russian political scientist and deputy director of the Institute of CIS Vladimir Zharihin positive attitude towards the desired control of the Caucasian republics to join the Russia-Belarus union, but considers that it is necessary to finish the first Federal Government:
"The idea is true. But we need to determine with 2 questions. According least, Belarus should recognize

For two we still put up with the fact that many provisions were not fully implemented. …

South Ossetia. Second point — we need to understand the most Union State. For two we still put up with the fact that many of the provisions, which were laid out in the Treaty of 1999 were not fully implemented. Because you need to finish the Federal Government to the project, which was in the Treaty. After all, if someone is to join us, we need to clarify what we have here the rules. They must be written on paper and officially recorded. "
According to the views of the Belarusian political scientist, Dr. Vyacheslav Orgish, attempt to include in the Russia-Belarus alliance Abkhazia and South Ossetia — a continuation of those games that is currently in our homeland in the Caucasus:
"This is the result of the hasty action that made Our homeland after the intervention in Georgia. Currently she as they say, tries to "stake out" the countryside. Already leaders of South Ossetia claim that they want to join North Ossetia, which means — to join the Russian Federation. Now, to try to give legitimacy to their actions, Our homeland is trying to squeeze the management of these 2-unrecognized republics of the so-called Russian-Belarusian Union. In my opinion, the results here especially our motherland receives. Hardly an international society will respond positively to this move, if it happens. "
In addition, before joining the so-referred to as the Russia-Belarus Union, the two breakaway republics, it is necessary that Belarus as the subject of this union recognized them, says political scientist Vyacheslav Orgish.
Leading Researcher Russian Institute of World Economy and International Relations Jora

Kokoity not very good is that he want now or tomorrow …

Kunade recommended in order to avoid inconsistencies and double interpretations expressions gentlemen Bagapsh and Kokoity, seek clarification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
"As sovereign Kokoity, in my opinion, is not very good, that he want now or tomorrow. Vo-2, in order to become a member of an organization, even that of the virtual as the Alliance of Russia and Belarus, requires Belarus to at least recognized sovereign Bagapsh. " Tags: Federal Government, Ossetia, Abkhazia

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