To Kazulina not receiving messages on political topics

Three hours talking with Alexander Kozulin and his wife Ira daughter Olga and Julia. The conversation took place in a special room in which the sides divided glass. After this policy meeting youngest daughter Julia took acting press secretary instead Ira Kazulina what unhealthy larynx.
The woman told that her father looks thinner, weighs only 87 kg, though a year earlier weighed 100 fifth cheerfulness But Alexander Kozulin imprisoned not lost.
I asked whether it was true that the last presidential candidate colony plays football like this they say representatives of the prison administration.
"In football he plays, but it’s hard to play, because when you peel the ball, sore leg and back. Because he still tries to play the least," — said the daughter Kozulin.

"In football he plays, but it’s hard to play, because when you peel the ball, sore leg and back."

By Julia Kazulina completely from the game of football is not her father refuses because he needed exercise.
Since May 14, Alexander Kozulin started working. He was again sent to extradite odezhku warehouse. Lethargy politician lamented.
As for dietary, it remains, but to use it occasionally fails Kozulin.
"In the dining room he walks, but there is virtually no feed. And what he dairy products should give on a diet, then give very occasionally" — says Yulia Kozulin.
How did you find relatives to Alexander Kozulin not reach some of the letters that he sent. For example, Julia Kozulin reported to the pope about the situation around Andrei Klimov, who is brought criminal case, but it turned out that the letter did not come. Kozulin and has not received some letters from activists of the Social Democratic Party.
In the colony Alexander Kozulin, together with other prisoners repaired library premises. Not so long ago, the repair was completed. Now relatives Kozulin transferred to the colony for the library two books. Julia explained to where they came from:
"This book, which once collected Valery Levonevsky for the colony, where he was serving his sentence. Later, these books were in the newspaper" Belarusians and Market ", and from there we took them and was taken to the colony to the Pope."
Kozulin’s daughter said that the pressure from the administration of the father does not complain, but notes that narrowed the circle of people who were with him in prison talk. It came as a result of the fact that part of the former friends of Alexander Kozulin transferred to other colonies.

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin more year reversed was sentenced to five and a half years on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Alexander Kozulin guilty himself recognizes — he explains persecution for political reasons.

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