To profitably destruction Grodno?

Reporter: "I thought I did not hear the answer to the stated theme: who profitably destruction Grodno? Someone can answer? Vladimir Khilmanovich — historian and journalist."
Khilmanovich: "Just can not Bolsheviks, that something does not destroy. This pair fell out, it was my turn Grodno architecture …"
Zhamoytin, Designer: "For their siding — more expensive than an old prop, smashed bugs. They do not anger, and stupidity of its own."
Reporter: "I still have to refer to the organizer, a medic historical sciences Ales Smolensk."
Smolenchuk "I personally hope that this question The best answer would Savchenko Antonenko, heads of the region and the town (laughter in the hall.) Naturally, there is money, real moments, and you can read about the specific lobbying, for example, manufacturers of building materials, you can also read about the redistribution of ground equipment in the center of town. You can read, but reliable disk imaging we do not have. Ira Kiturko wants to add … "
Kiturko: "I do not know who profitably destruction of Grodno, in general I think even that people, that it destroys, and may not reflect that destroy it, and it is profitable or not profitable, because they just can not uneducated. "
Man: "I will try to answer the question. I live on this street on September 17, we live in the street ordinary people. Entire area will destroy New World, it is the center, the quiet center. They say that there is such a project, and this project are trying to intrigue Tipo anyone in Russia. And they said: if you destroy us all at zero, we come and build.’s all. Because our government is currently trying to persuade stroll and inhabitants. "
Lapeha, local historian: "So they are willing to hurt to the Russians came here and built something. The normal practice: have a property where people live, comes an investor by the investor is the resettlement of people, the destruction of buildings. And because we that the investor must pay from the budget. Understandably, who profitably this destruction: who makes it so that I’m paying for it … And then they will read that everything is done on a competitive basis, it’s just fun. "
Igor Lapeha lays out a plan to debate the historical building, which is where the destroyed buildings
• In Grodno passed artistic actions in defense of an old town, 11.06.2007

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