To receive a Lithuanian visa can now register by phone

With the advent of summer, the number of Belarusians who want to visit Lithuania, increases significantly.
Press Attache at the Lithuanian Embassy Christina Pakonite notes:
"Of course, simplifying visa function through preparatory record, our embassy has taken on additional responsibilities. But practice shows that we deal with this.
In the summer we also increase the number of contacts with tourist firms. This means, Any company that is accredited by the embassy, can now once a week to bring documents. Earlier this practiced only twice in the past month. "
Once a day the Lithuanian embassy issues visas to above five hundred. But this figure could be even higher, said Mrs. Pakonite:
"Appear situation where — through no fault of the embassy — we can not really use our bandwidth capabilities. Enough often people who have previously signed up for an appointment, do not come to us. Or firms bring the smallest number of passports, which they declared, without notifying this embassy. "
At the moment the area is a construction of the Lithuanian embassy — consular section expands. Wish to complete the job to illumine.
Press secretary of the Polish Embassy in Belarus Monica Sadkovskaya notes that demand for visas to Poland as before remains the highest. For example, in This year Only consular department in Minsk has already issued more than 40 thousand visas:
"It is better to start a visa for two weeks before the scheduled departure. To get everything done, care must be taken in advance. Then everything will be easier," — says the press secretary of the Polish Embassy in Belarus.
Managing the consular department of the Embassy of Latvia in Belarus Dearden Liepene recalls that visa to Latvia for people of Belarus As before remain free. No queues at the embassy, it reads:
"Accept all who come. So every day . "
In all 3 embassies identified — acting at the moment visa system is to join these states to the Schengen agreement. Diplomats believe that the possibility of expansion of the Schengen area specifically next year — approximately 80%.
• Schengen visa now costs 60 euros, 16.01.2007

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