To whom are Russian and U.S. missiles?

As our correspondent Ira Lagunina accredited at the summit, after dinner or during dinner, George Bush and Vladimir Putin exchanged a few words. As they say here on the sidelines of this was very a measured discussion.
The other day, and European countries have taken a very strong position. European Commission President Manuel Barroso said that the rhetoric that sounded from the Kremlin last weekend, completely unacceptable and divorced from reality. Here it should be recalled that Vladimir Putin does not rule out the ability of aiming nuclear missiles of Russia to Europe, if Europe will be featured South American missile defense system.
George Bush said during the summit, making everything possible to explain to the Russian president that the missile defense system, which is going to create a United States of Europe, is not aimed against Russia and that the horrors of the Russian Federation are groundless.
In the 90s, President Yeltsin announced that Russian missiles are not targeted to specific countries. Then experts have stated that this is purely a symbolic gesture that does not ask for aiming a long time. How seriously sur» safety hazard is the promise of Putin peranatselits Russian missiles in European countries? That on this account they say experts at? With this issue, I turned to Ira Laguninay.
Lagunina: "It» sur serious statement not based on the beliefs of military technology. Although it takes some time to aim missiles, besides this process simultaneously pinpoint satellite. But it is not so much a technology-military question, but a matter of harsh rhetoric and mindset approach to dilemmas. That’s why Vladimir Putin’s statement about the likely peranatselvanne caused such a reaction from both the U.S. and European partners the U.S.. "
Yesterday, the representative of the Kremlin administration, Dmitry Peskov, said that plans peranatselvannya missiles at European countries "have a hypothetical character." Does this mean that Moscow’s position virtually certain number of days has become more flexible?
Lagunina: "This will show the current meeting between George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin. In Russian delegations have different views about what Putin will say and how to behave in the Kremlin. Itself here I beheld as favorite saying among themselves. Putin is very rarely colloquy with Tony Blair and George Bush. In the main, when favorites landlocked or strolling through the garden, it was clear that Putin talks with the Prime Minister» er Romano Prodi, but not with those people, who expressed a firm stance against Russian rhetoric. "
Is it clear which facilities in Russia and other countries of South American missiles targeted? Either they focus on objects that allow the functioning Russian weapons forces outside of, such as station missile warning in Belarus and Azerbaijan or system Naval Fleet, headquartered in Belarus? Lagunina: "You, Yuri, correctly noted previously that time Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin agreed that the South American and Russian missiles will not target anything. Not that they do not focus on one alone, in Russian military has a special term — missile "roznanatselenyya." Goals in their unavailable. I hope that when everyone wants to lower the tone of rhetoric that uses Our homeland soon, show that there is no animosity, no, I hope this contract signed by the previous Russian president, remains in force. "

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