Turkey’s ambitions to make a fighter with the label «Made in Turkey» and the purchase of 10 American fighter s fifth-generation F-35 can go beyond the financial capabilities of the country, writes the French television channel France portal 24 on 30 July.
Bureaucrats of the Turkish defense industry estimate that the design, development and construction of eight new fighter prototype TF-X will cost Ankara 10 billion U.S. dollars. «The amount of between 11 and 13 billion dollars for the development of such sverhtehnologichny aircraft would be realistic,» said a senior bureaucrat familiar with applets. «We focus on the cost of $ 100 million per aircraft. I think that in the coming decades, we can purchase 200 new fighters to substitute obsolete combat aircraft, «he said.
This means that Turkey will have difficulties had spent a total of 31 to 33 billion dollars in the design, development and construction of eight prototypes and 200 production fighters state project. But analysts are independent they say that it is extremely optimistic estimates.
Turkey hopes that the new fighter (worked out the concept of single-or twin-engine aircraft with the conventional scheme or schemes «duck» — a comment. «VP») may climb into the sky in 2023, in other words in the year of the 100th anniversary of the republic. As expected, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) at this year’s session of the defense industry will accept the decision to start programs from the beginning.
Meanwhile, Turkey, whose fleet consists of Air Force fighter aircraft of the South American production, also plans to buy about 100 F-35 fighters. The main part of the Turkish fighter aircraft make up the F-16 modernization which was carried out by Lockheed Martin, more old fighter-bomber F-4 have been upgraded with the help of Israel.
Analysts have estimated that the total cost of the purchase of 100 F-35 (16 billion dollars) and the development and creation of 200 TF-X (31-33 billion dollars) could reach about $ 50 billion

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