Tygodnik powszechny: Kremlin dominates Belarusian opposition

"Tygodnik powszechny" writes afterdny Congress Democratic Forces "Was a demonstration of the power of the opposition parties, who put on Russia and that puts our homeland", and he eventually became the defeat of pro-European movement "For Freedom" Milinkevich.
"It gives the Kremlin for maneuver in an interview with Lukashenko and provides Russian interests in the case, if reached a political turning point … Our homeland comes, democratic West retreats. Could even say that the West has permitted himself an adherent to beat pro-Russian course, which brought before separation Belarusian opposition actually in two parts: one is rallying around favorites political parties, other — around Milinkevich. Likely they will fight for it, who admit to discussions in the future if in the end the situation has changed ", — the newspaper writes.
"Tygodnik powszechny" defines the parties that are part of the united opposition as "ideological cocktail." According to the newspaper, the Communists and the opposition United Civil Party, as supporters of Alexander Kozulin — is pro-Russian political forces and joined them, and so began to look BPF running Vintsuk Vyachorka that, but if we take into account the political views of the coalition members, there is "closer all there to gaze Milinkevich. "
Favorites opposition parties "Tygodnik powszechny" refers to "not kill" and wrote that they did not agree to the changes that are proposed Milinkevich.
Article experts and politicians themselves talk about the results of the Congress Democratic Forces and the situation in the opposition. Some they say that the coalition of Communists, UCP and BNF — this success, others — that Belarusians are more willing to listen to the non-party candidates in the process of election campaigns.

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