U.S. military secrets revealed Israel

U.S. Department of Defense published tenders on building a base of missile defense (NMD) Israel, the laying out in the open access top-secret military facility coming properties.
On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, said the newspaper «The Times».

According to the newspaper, the South American government was involved in the construction of the base price of 25 million dollars in Tel Shahar in the center of the country. At the same time, why is created for information from investors tenders was withdrawn hidden military information, hitherto not clear.

Caught in the midst of publicly available data — the depth of the underground complex base schemes of ventilation air, countless engineering plans, a list of materials that will be used during construction. In addition, more than 1 tysche hosted pages you can find information about the new missile system «Arrow-3», which will be installed at the base and is designed to intercept targets in a vacuum.

«Information of this kind is always carefully guarded, and its drain is a threat to the security of the facility — said in this regard, the representative of the Israeli Defense Ministry. — If the enemy of our country longed storm this base, placed requirements would become for him a pleasant benefit. » «This whole situation is not just a matter of concern, it is shocking,» — he said.

Disclosure of the details of construction of a secret Pentagon facility in Israel «shocking», said Israeli security professionals in the industry. At the same time there has not officially commented on the publication of the Western media in this regard.

«We do not comment on this topic» — said Itar-Tass news service officer IDF (IDF).

Israel is not the first time the U.S. has resorted to assistance with regard to the construction of military facilities. In 2012, the South American defense contractors have begun construction in the outskirts of Tel Aviv underground command bunker Air Force, known as the «object 911.» Earlier, the Americans built in Israel and other military installations, including air force base «Nevatim» command and intelligence centers, and underground aircraft hangars.

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