UN Council terminated the post of special rapporteur for Belarus and Cuba

According to diplomats, Belarus and Cuba became so called "Bargaining chip" for the members of the Council in order to ensure follow-up of this new law enforcement agency of the UN.
Its decision, the Council argued that in these 2-Special Rapporteur countries worked for over 6 years.
Excluded Belarus from the list of states where you have to produce control human rights, UN Council reconsidered, which was previously adopted structure-predecessor — Commission Human Rights.
According to the decisions of the UN, remains constant observation in 9 countries of concern, including North Korea, Cambodia, Sudan, Somalia. Regarding other states-UN member states will apply the practice of repeated surveillance Human Rights.
• Belarus is still in the "blacklist" of the UN, 18.06.2007
• Council of the United Nations is going to exclude Belarus from the "blacklist", 18.06.2007
• Belarus is not selected in the UN Council on Human pravoh, 17.05.2007

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