UNFPA: Belarusian people live longer than in Russia and Ukraine

In the U.S., men live on average 75 years old, and the ladies — 80. In countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark, these characteristics are, respectively, 77-78 and 82-84 years.
In Russia, the average life of boys is 58.7 years. They live 16 years less than the representatives of their sex in the United States. Russian ladies also live almost nine years less than American.
Ukraine ladies live on average 72.5 years, and men — 60.5.
In Belarus, these characteristics are, respectively, 74 and 63. So makarom Belarus men live 12 years less than in the U.S., and the ladies at 6 years less than American.
In all post-Soviet countries, there is a big difference in terms of life expectancy between the men and the ladies in favor of the latter.

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