Valery Shchukin is now waiting for a court verdict

Actors over Valery Shchukin left except to speak with the latest speeches. If the tribunal acknowledges his guilt, according to Article 189 of the Criminal Code, the oppositionist threatens Exchange fine, correctional work or up to 2 years imprisonment.
Valery Shchukin blame that he offended members in writing of the Regional Election Commission and members of the district commission number ’52 Vitebsk — issued leaflets, where it says that the commission falsified results of the last local elections held in Belarus on January 14, 2007. The case was initiated on the initiative of the prosecutors themselves Tipo outraged members of election commissions did not serve in the Tribunal.
Chairman of the District Commission Alla Kolesnik was claimed that the Tribunal was closed because a criminal case raises her honor and dignity. Attorney Tolkachov supported the motion, but the referee Natalia Guryan rejected it, and the process is open.
From the beginning of the trial Schukin obliged to abandon the municipal services of a lawyer. He believed that in the process perceive the role of their representative Svetlana Barankovskoy. But Barankovskoy not allowed as a representative Shchukin on the grounds that it is not his relative. Such a rule is in the Code of Criminal Procedure. But, according to the views of Valery Shchukin, it contradicts the Constitution, where the 62nd article says that a citizen including the court, may be assisted by a lawyer of their own and other representatives. Shchukin Emperor believes that his deliberately left the court without legal assistance:
"They tried to impose my own lawyer, but I said," I want my representative and not yours! "And I sought Saiga representative. According to the law, the court can not impose my lawyer. ‘Cause right now I am obliged to defend themselves without legal assistance. And I think it is a violation of their rights . "
Suffered and those who came to support
The tribunal to Valery Shchukin come whenever friends and associates — always in the courtroom are about 30-40 people.
June 6 youth group that had gathered on the steps of the court, holding portraits of the opposition leader, police detained Tipo for unauthorized picketing. 17-year-old Lena Kristina Bogdanova and Mikhailova, youngest son also known activist Christine Shatsikava were beaten while in detention. Doctors Regional Medical clinic diagnosed their injuries Myagenkaya tissues of the head and face. But the girls refused to be hospitalized again yesterday and came to the First Tribunal.
Suffered from the police and Vitebsk student Alexander Derevjanko: together with the other guys he rushed to protect women, and the police, detaining him, beat him, when planted in the bus.
Ales Derevjanko also Gennady Bowls, Andrew Danilevsky and Dmitry Lisienko before last night held in temporary detention, and yesterday tried them too — for disobeying police and the role in an unsanctioned rally.
The trial took place in the court of Vitebsk region, although had to be performed on the scene — the First of the District Court. But the police have seen many young people gathered in a symbol of solidarity, half just drove through the town of detainees and eventually taken to another tribunal.
Proceedings conducted referee Natalia Tretyakov, and at first she agreed to postpone the meeting for the following week, so the guys had booked for myself and found the witnesses lawyers. Last considered the case of Andrei Danilevsky and this time, by him, Referee received another order from anyone.
"If all were released, there was no order to judge all in place — says Danilevsky. — If you came to me one more trial, the referee spoke to someone on the phone, was ordered: everyone was released, again perasudits. But anyone have not been able to find. And I was given a penalty — 20 baselines for disobeying police officers and one base for picketing. When I left, the judge was either not peradynfarktny condition: she even says that he would resign, because more is not going to work so . "
Andrew Danilevsky awarded 651 a thousand rubles fine and polochaninu Gennady balls — 31 a thousand, and for his role in illegal picketing. Incidentally, Gennady Balls — this scion of the famous Vitebsk on opposition — chairman of the regional Free Trade Union Nikolai balls.
In the structure of the district court Pershamajski constantly on duty with several cars and riot police officers Pershamajski police department, because here every day going Vitebsk opposition.
Judge Tatyana Seviarynets
Not counting things Valery Shchukin, in this very court the trial over Tatiana Seviarynets, mother of a prominent politician Paul Sevyarinets that through Tribunal overeetsya reinstated. Tatiana Seviarynets case belongs to the so referred to as civilian affairs, but she believes that it appeared in court for political reasons.
In late March, Tatiana Seviarynets wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense, and the head of the regional department of education Vladimir Shloma initially granted her request. But after a few days he canceled usvae decision, and returned from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that missed 6 working days without any preconditions. Teacher of the highest category with 35 years of experience Tipo fired for absenteeism.
During the meeting Tatiana Seviarynets highlighted that in past interviews head of the education department not once encouraged her to finish the deal with politics and rebuked for his role in the last local elections, when Tatiana wanted to run for city council in Vitebsk.
Considering his dismissal politically conditioned, Tatiana Seviarynets can not foretell the result of a court fight with the District Department of Education. In the last days before the dismissal of many fellow teachers, friends, trade union and school officials gave her the number 40 to realize they do not want unnecessary problems for themselves, and therefore protect her fear.
To protect the teacher-students came pyatsiklyasniki who wrote the statement, that did not fire their beloved classroom teacher, and their ancestors. They wrote a number of collective complaints, including and the Ministry of Education, and came to support Tatiana Evgenievna in court.
Follow-up meeting in a lawsuit Tatiana Seviarynets scheduled for June 14th.
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