Vic: Experts opposition prepared better than municipal

In the German capital, the delegation is at the invitation of the Foundation named after Adenauer. Within three days of applets — role in the Belarusian-German Conference "Perspectives Belarus"Which was accomplished yesterday, meetings and negotiations with the German government, parliamentarians, professionals.
"The organization I head, the new perception of members of the Belarusian opposition. Naturally, we will open a discussion Belarusian perspective. I hope that it will be a fruitful conversation and that we can confidently say together," — said Hans-Georg Wieck.
In a conversation with the Freedom sovereign Vic braked on some problem which, with its viewpoint, are first for Belarus opposition. Question the widespread consolidation of democratic forces, as there is danger of a split opposition. Recently the upcoming parliamentary elections very principleFirst is the development of real proposals for other people in the economy and the social sphere. Famous German politician believes that certain positions of specialists from the democratic forces are better prepared system.
In an interview our radio Hans-Georg Wieck also highlighted that at the EU level has not produced tangible support for democratic forces and civilian society in Belarus.
Absolutely interview with a famous German politicians and diplomats — in the evening program there and on the website of Liberty later.
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