Village after cleared of stamps and dressed in old costumes

"Rural honor" — a story of love and jealousy. The action takes place in the Sicilian village in the late XIX century. The protagonist of the opera, Turiddu, before leaving the army, was in love with krosotku shirt. Lola did not wait for him and marry secured Alfano. Returning, Turiddu tried comforted together with the young woman Santutstsay. But Lola seduced him. Now the remaining minutes spoiled Santuzza tries to return her lover and his wife knows all Lely, Alfano.
Drama "love quadrangle" in the Belarusian opera elected pragmatic judgments — the theater, which has two seasons working in a foster walls, can not rely on expensive and huge productions. Because long and braked to a familiar but forgotten little one-act operas.
"Rural honor" is useful for us why? After all, in the 1-x, asks least cost than other no matter what setting — says artistic director of the theater Izvorska Margarita. — In-2-x, absolutely takes the whole team. And, in-3, if we select any product, we think if we have the number of performers who can celebrate. "
Staging performed just invited for the post of head dyrygenta Honored Artist of Ukraine Victor Ploskina and Swedish director with Russian roots and education Nardshtrem Alexander. Victor Ploskina in past years dyrygavav in Minsk individual performance, because little known power of the Belarusian corpses. Alexander Nardshtrem Last year put here "Gianni Schicchi" Puchchyni.
Soloist Sharubina Nina, one of the performers Santuzza, says that she likes new approaches to work. She believes their European:
"The material is not muryzhytstsa month, two, three, when it was just, I’m sorry, all disgusted by the music. All singers have come to work with dyrygentam to studied material. Someone has some parallel treaties someone leaves. Arrives — cut one again in the workflow. Always have a fresh perception of the party, and the work is not sensuous and drain on a physical level. "
Directed by Alexander Nardshtrem decided not to succumb to the fashionable modern opera directing currents. Director states that did not want to change the product — to change the orientation of the main characters sexy, or disguise facial choir and ensemble in the form of riot police. His "Rural honor" quite traditional, nenavatarski.
"These stories and so traditional, so it’s endless stories — says Nordshtrem. — In This is the meaninge they are not innovative. Changed the time to change the language in a theatrical sense. But the music and itself for itself story — it is at the moment is constant. It is. And our business is to read true and modern, that it came now. "
Dyrygent director Victor Ploskina believes that over such performance is very difficult to work with — the opera-hit has acquired countless cliches, from which "Rural honor" have to clean:
"What is this opera? This opera about fate. Each of us has a destiny. Here is an opera about fate, about how relations together, and how much you must suffer, to somehow express themselves. Because this opera live, and she will live forever. "
• New dyrygent Belarusian opera promises change, 18.05.2007
• Ballet "Legend of the person Eulenspiegel" was played for the umpteenth time, 25.04.2007
• The State Opera — Premiere of "Coffee Cantata" by Bach, 16.03.2007

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