Vitebsk: Dmitry Lisienko will judge the second time in a day or three

Actions in which Lisienko considered criminal, held on June 6 at the structure Pershamaiski district court, where the process of Valery Shchukin. Young people out on the porch with portraits of well-known journalist and human rights activist, and police detained several people.
Tribunal over Dmitry Lisienko began on June 7, but the activist claimed counsel and witnesses because the trial was adjourned until a day or this.
Currently Dmitry Lisienko is in Vitebsk temporary detention, but on another charge. On Saturday, June 9, he was arrested for graffiti "Freedom to Kazulin!" Inscription on the fence he made far away from the structure of the administration of the October district of Vitebsk. Disorderly conduct under Article 17.1 of the administrative legislation Dmitry Lisienko serving a three-day arrest.

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