Vitebsk: friends raised funds and installed a monument to Vladimir Pleschenko

Press secretary of the CCP BPF Valery Buffalo read Poznyak gathered letter written specifically for this reason.
"For a year, no longer with us as our friend and strong Belarusian Vladimir Pleschenko. It was our knight, who has repeatedly justified in their struggle nyazlomnasts and belief in a bright future dear Fatherland. This was such people, the memory of which remains in the history of the struggle for a free Belarus. First step in our memory — a monument to him, which is now established friends. "
Friends and associates at the tomb of Vladimir Pleschenko
The monument of dark granite, not counting the portrait of Vladimir Pleschenko friends decided to put a picture Chases and a stylized cross. On a tombstone written the words, "Do not imagine, and for the country." Sketch of the monument made member of the Parliament of the Conservative Christian Party BPF painter Jan Tovpyga.
Creator of the monument to the painter Jan Tovpyga
Funds for the monument to Vladimir Pleschenko collected within 4 months. This charity event founded near friend of Vladimir Pleschenko, Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida.
"This monument was built to all chorus. Remember when I was collecting funds to mene approached by several students. They have saved much money, but they did not take that gum, and threw them in my trash … Many people in the sacred cause assumed the role of. Just do not have the ability to immediately recall all of them. Well, would not have enough space! And I owe them all to say a huge thank you present day took place. "
Boris at the Tomb of the coming Khamaida friend
Funds for the monument donated Pleschenko and inhabitants of Belarus and representatives abroad. Altogether, about 2-million Belarusian rubles, and a significant portion of these funds were collected specifically about of so-called "Blue House" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street in Vitebsk, where else a year earlier almost every day out Vladimir. Doctors advised him to save his unhealthy heart, but he used to spend like there picketing, handing out leaflets or just standing under a white-red-white flag, calling at any of the passers-contempt and misunderstanding, and anyone curiosity and reverence. ..
Heart Vladimir Pleschenko braked on May 20th of 2006. Now about his grave friends made speeches, poems poet Evgenij Kozlov Orsha, Belarus and prayer for the anthem "God Almighty."

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