Vitebsk: Minsk activist judge for the 3rd time in the last week

During the trial, Dmitry Lisienko own pleaded not guilty. He argues that was arrested unfounded.
Ira Smolyakova referee decided to call witnesses, police officers who arrested the guy. Referee deferred consideration of the case on June 19.
Dmitry Lisienko NIGHT MODE detained June 9 about the control of the Ministry of Interior, on the building where there was an inscription "Freedom Shchukin!".
The young man said he had arrived in Vitebsk on June 6, Valery Shchukin to support during his trial. But before the graffiti, says business has not.
At Minsk youth activist in Vitebsk for last week brought three administrative cases. Two courts have already taken place.
Dmitry Lisienko received 620 thousand penalty for disobeying police during a crackdown picketing Pervomaisky district court, where the judge Valery Shchukin. There he stood up for women who were beaten by police and dragged unwillingly into the car.
Lisienko also served three days in jail for graffiti "Freedom to Kazulin!"

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