Vitebsk: Myron posted a flag on the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Pleschenko

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida told reporters that from credible sources, he understood the contents of the note that was attached to the famous Myron national symbol.
"I realized that at the corner of" Truth "and Tereshkova at high bandwidth at 110 thousand volts appeared white-red-white flag. Note attached to it later read: "By the anniversary of the death of Vladimir Pleschenko. Endless memory hero!" Signature: Myron. "I think this place is for the flag was chosen by chance: Vladimir Pleschenko lived for many years on the street Tereshkova. And I think that Over time, this street will be renamed the street named after Vladimir Pleschenko. "
Chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Council of the Conservative Christian Party BPF Vladimir Pleschenko died suddenly of a heart attack Last year 20th May. His heart braked at the 58th year of life, in the yard of his parents’ house in the village of Crows Vitebsk region. He was buried in the adjoining village put to print.
Now there is the opening of a grave wilted known oppositionist Vitebsk. Sketch of the monument made a member of the CCP BPF Sojma painter Jan Tovpyga and collected funds for his friends and associates Vladimir Pleschenko.

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