Vitebsk: Plein Air for the revival of the cathedral and the area

Announcement of the plein-air appeared on the web on one of the forums Vitebsk. The invitation was the following: "By the fact that at the Freedom Square destroyed the foundations of St. Nicholas Cathedral, destroyed by Russian authorities in the 60s of the last century, we invite everyone to Vitebsk painters role in the outdoor open air" Revival Nicholas Cathedral and Cathedral Square. "

In the open air and also invited journalists who are interested in this problem. It so happens that journalists and participants artists came equally — of four. Although in general the appointed time on the Liberty Square people gathered about 2-10-s — come more local activists history buffs.
Student Tatiana Fomicheva named one of the organizers of the plein air:
"Our action — Plein Air — dedicated to the restoration of St. Nicholas Cathedral and Cathedral Square in general revival of its historical form. Certainly, we still did a little organizational mistake by not inviting more personally identifiable Vitebsk painters. Though it is still a question — they would come or not . And we just pasted ads on art-graphic faculty of the institute and in art school. "
Please share Tatiana Fomicheva read a little lecture about the history of the Cathedral Square, and later painters started to work. By the way, all participants were quite young plein air — students of art school number 1.
Professor of Vitebsk painters Liberty Square just came Svetlana Barankovskoy. She said that on the open-air of her colleagues nobody knew, because they may be, are not so active nick Web as youth. Mrs. Barankovskoy also told about the campaign daughter.
Svetlana Barankovskoy role in the open air bite, but she has a previous work entitled "St. Nicholas Cathedral," which had recently been exhibited at the exhibition hall of the Museum of Modern Art.
"Although postcards, and not from nature, but was very curious draw this Cathedral — says Svetlana Barankovskoy. — And I did this job quite huge. God forbid that she liked the town, so she remained in Vitebsk and that did not go to Germany for the fact that it was on what to eat … Each borough must heart! And our heart was destroyed by Russian authorities, the German authorities, well, at this point perfectly clear, as we have brown walls … "
By the way, those who almost destroys the wall — the same enterprise "Vitebskvodokanalu" — also did not ignore the participants plein air, namely, young poet Ira Borisevich:
"People have come to show off, but to me the gift of God itself has not given. And there came such a small poem.
Torn tape, like a dark raven Arrived at the cemetery to pray faith. Ruined cathedral. Yes Renders hand Gold crosses on Cloquet paper.
For anyone you can, unimportant and small, But most importantly — the belief in the soul not died … And soar into the sky dome on top of your petty affair "Water"! "

Taking advantage of the experience of the first open-air and inviting more participants, the organizers decided to hold a June 4 another similar event. Will be applied, and other forms of public protest — complaints to the prosecutor and other authorities. In fact, as saidculture and employee council Vitebsk regional Nina Suletskaya "Vitebskvodokanalu" in spite of everything is not going to suspend work at Freedom Square, although not entitled to their respective permission from the Ministry of Culture.

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